examine this: birth of an open adoption

Our own Lori/Best Light of Weebles Wobblog has a side gig as the Open Adoption Examiner. There she writes brief columns covering issues of interest to members of the adoption triad, pointing readers to helpful resources culled from around the web. (Go Lori!)

Last week, Lori featured our adoption story as a case study. Check out “The Birth of an Open Adoption,” which highlights posts from this blog dating back to December 2008, when we first met K and she asked us to parent Baby J. While you’re there, be sure to check out Lori’s other columns too!

~ by luna on October 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “examine this: birth of an open adoption”

  1. Thank you, Luna, for living the story and for shining a light for others who want to see what a healthy open adoption can look like.

    Blessings to you all, and XO.

  2. This is a great way to follow some of the big moments throughout your journey. I’m grateful for the quick links. Thanks for sharing all that you have and continue to do.

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