top picks

On adoptive parenting, open adoption

what openness means to me (so far) (Feb. 2013)

planting the seeds (Oct. 2012)

simple when it’s anything but (Aug. 2012)

how I almost shied away from openness (not why you think) (Jan. 2011)

open adoption roundtable: ever wanted to walk away? (April 2011)

extension and expansion, part two (March 2009)

On adoption/parenting after infertility

claiming our own (Aug. 2009)

universal role (Sept. 2010)

another mother’s day wishes (May 2011)

On high risk pregnancy/NICU (after infertility and loss…)

day 5: breakdown (Sept. 2011)

the NICU (Sept. 2011)

reliving it (Sept. 2012)

           (…and after adoption)

the myth (aka just think again) (July 2011)

questions (August 2011)

On infertility

what if (April 2010)

the passage of time (April 2010)

once an infertile (May 2009)

standing out in a crowd (Aug. 2008)

an open letter (Dec. 2007)

On grief, loss

seven (Feb. 2013)

we never forget (Oct. 2012)

convergence (Oct. 2008)

living in the moment, part 2 (Jan. 2008)

the inner world of grief, part 1 (Jan. 2008)

the outer world of grief, part 2 (Jan. 2008)

b e a u t i f u l  v i s i o n (Feb. 2008)

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