six months

Six months ago, I awoke to a gush of blood. I was 33 weeks and 2 days pregnant, hoping to go another week before delivering our holy-crap-where-did-she-come-from -after-all-this-time baby.

The night before, I had spoken with my gangsta Kymberli (aka JW Moxie), who offered tips for recovering from a c-section (she’s had a few!). As it turned out, it was good timing. We didn’t know it then, but within hours I was on the table myself.

It’s hard to believe that six months have passed since then. Half of a year. Much of it has been a blur. After Z’s first three weeks in the NICU and a few months for my own recovery, we have finally started to feel “normal,” sleep deprived and all.

My body is still healing, believe it or not, though it will never be the same. It’s more than just weight gain, or the gigantic scar or the absence of a womb; the scar will never fully heal and my core is still weak.

But it’s not about me now, is it?

Now I’ve got a six month shiny new baby — nearly 4.5 months adjusted age — and a nearly three year old curious active toddler.

My life now is so very different than it was just a year ago.

This little girl brings new life into our home and family. Her smiles brighten up a room. She adores her big sister. Z’s whole body wiggles when she sees Jaye. Jaye will do all kinds of silly things to make Z laugh. And Mac and I, well we just look at each other some times with a shorthand where no words are necessary. Sometimes, it’s holy shit we have two kids! Sometimes, it’s OMFG how are we doing this? Sometimes, it’s wow, we are the luckiest people on earth.



~ by luna on March 1, 2012.

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  1. Happy 6 months!!!!

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