happy due date, baby Z!

Happy, indeed.

Over 7 pounds at 6.5 weeks old.


~ by luna on October 18, 2011.

27 Responses to “happy due date, baby Z!”

  1. Happy due date! So happy to see you thriving, chunky, beautiful – and even decked in a nice head of hair!

  2. Keep everyone guessing, Z!

    You look like an Old Soul. Hope to get to meet you one day.

  3. Happy due date! You are such a beauty, baby Z. Much love!

  4. So beautiful. You could spend years doing nothing but staring into those eyes. Happy due date Z.

  5. Look at all that sweetness wrapped up in 7 lbs!

  6. Perfection right there. Happy “birth” day to all four of you! So glad she’s here and thriving.

  7. Ooohhh, big girl! Good job, momma!


  8. Happy Due Date Baby Z! Look at those gorgeous brown eyes!! Beautiful!!

  9. Adorable!!! Happy Due Date!!

  10. So sweet!

  11. and what a happy day it is … beautiful Z!

  12. Oh, those eyes. She’s absolutely perfect.

  13. Perfection! Those eyes…could just stare and stare into those eyes. Happy due date from one preemie to another.

  14. Happy due date, Baby Z! And way to go, mommy & daddy, for taking such good care of her that she’s put on the weight she should be gaining. Such a beautiful baby…I’m so happy I finally got to see a picture of her face! ❤

  15. Awww…how alert! Happy due date birthday baby Z!

  16. Hooray! Happy Due Date!

    7 pounds on her due date is just perfect. Burrito and Tamale were each over 8 pounds on their due date, which made their early arrival seem more logical… I don’t know how I could have carried over 16 pounds of baby let alone those hefty placentas and all the rest. They, and Z, arrived exactly when they were supposed to arrive, at the exact best time to balance the needs of themselves and their mamas.

    I agree with Lori, Z is totally an Old Soul.

  17. Beautiful girl! So glad you’re here!

  18. Be still my beating heart. She’s beautiful! Happy due date, Z.

  19. STUNNING! Yo Z! I love you!!!!! Your crazy Canadian auntie!

  20. Beautiful! So happy for you and your family!

  21. Oh she’s lovely! Thank you for sharing– happy, happy, joy!

  22. You posted a picture!!! Oh. Thank you. Adorable.

  23. Awwww, she’s beautiful.

  24. Gorgeous angel.

  25. oh my gosh isn’t she just beuatiful, those eye’s! Happy Due Date!!!!

  26. So so sooooo beautiful!!

  27. […] the time her due date arrived, Z was seven pounds and still tiny but she looked like a real baby. As hard as those 6.5 […]

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