everyone is doing it: top posts of 2010

Even though I barely blogged in 2010 — maybe a few posts a month — I still got an email from WordPress highlighting my top posts of the year. It included “helpful”suggestions like, why don’t you blog more often!, and hey, maybe you should write more on those other topics that keep getting hits!

It’s amusing that my top post of all time is popular merely because it contains an image of “purple sky” or “purple clouds” (it was a fun meme!). The next top post about our wedding is viewed only because of the term “blue moon.” I swear, every day I get hits from someone searching for psychedelic skies, moons, or Chinese New Year Dragons, rather than seekers of information or support related to adoption or infertility and loss.

While a few good old posts (like this one) still get new hits and appear among the top posts of 2010 (even though they’re from 2007-2009), I figured it might be interesting to see what was on the list from this year. I’ve enjoyed reviewing similar lists from other bloggers, so…

Here’s my list of top ten 2010 posts, in order of (relative) popularity:

1. The Other Side (February). An unexpected request from a neighbor in labor helps me realize how far I’ve come.

2. Universal Role (September). An exploration of faith in response to the idea that families are built in accordance with “god’s will.” (My submission to the Creme, not because it’s my favorite but because it’s the one I felt compelled to write.)

3. Finally Final (March). Recounts the day we finally became a “forever” family in the eyes of the law.

4. Thoughts Plus One (May). Reflecting on life just before our daughter was born, before she was ours, one year later, with gratitude for the chance to build the foundation that became our open adoption.

5. Four Years Gone (January). Remembering the son we never met, revisiting my grief as I do every year around this time.

6. Mashed Up Mind (March). A mish-mash of jumbled thoughts from a time when I could barely form a coherent sentence. (Not sure why this one is on the list, honestly, but I remember feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the time.)

7. What If? (April). Exploring the paths not taken and making peace with the past, now that I am mother to my daughter. (My contribution to Project IF for National Infertility Awareness Week.)

8. Celebrating Her Birth (June). Sharing the celebration of Baby Jaye’s first birthday party, with gratitude and some reflections on the darker side.

9. How Do You Do It? (January) A call for help and balance as this working mama returned to the grind after seven months at home.

10. Adoptive Breastfeeding Revisited, Part Two (April). It took nearly a year to write about my experience of trying to induce lactation as an adoptive mama.

Bonus 11. Connection (October). Sharing an intimate moment while bottle feeding a sick baby who wouldn’t sleep. (Maybe my personal favorite of the year.)

Now to just get some words down for 2011…


~ by luna on January 5, 2011.

3 Responses to “everyone is doing it: top posts of 2010”

  1. I think you just did! ; ) Happy new year!

  2. Luna, I don’t know how you narrowed it down. Your posts are all top 10 material.

  3. I’m so glad you posted this. I clicked over from O Solo Mama and have been engrossed reading these posts.
    I don’t want to insult you by telling you you are awesome, etc., but just from reading some of these posts you have touched me by your honesty and authenticity (that’s the same thing, isn’t it?) and inspired me to be love and light the way that you are.

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