comment for cause

This may be the only time you will ever hear me asking you to comment.

Not here, but here.

In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, a new parenting e-zine called is partnering with adoptive families to highlight their stories celebrating adoption.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking, and honestly I don’t know whether the stories will include the perspectives of first families or adoptees.

Still, there’s a chance to do some good by just clicking over and saying hello. SixSeeds believes in charitable giving and the generosity of global family-based service that raises kids to be “joyful givers.”

In that spirit, for every comment left on the article featuring our family, they will donate $2 to the adoption related charity of my choice — Ethica, a nonprofit organization that provides an independent voice for ethical adoption practices worldwide. Ethica works nationally and internationally, offering support, education and advocacy for all people affected by adoption. Ethica remains independent because it refuses to accept donations from adoption agencies or any entity that places children for adoption.

So please click over and leave a quick comment. It can be short, and it doesn’t necessarily even need to be insightful. Just let us know you were reading! Any comments left during the entire month of November translates to a $2 donation to a great organization. Note they will only make one donation per email address, so if you comment on another article, please dust off an old junk mail address to use.

So here’s that link one last time. Thanks!

ETA: Apologies to everyone who left a comment at the other site and was automatically signed up to receive future mailings. You can opt out when you get the first email!


~ by luna on October 31, 2010.

5 Responses to “comment for cause”

  1. Going right now!

  2. Going over there now. List it on LFCA under misc news?

  3. I’m glad to see this blog.
    I really like that because the post have many things to learn………

  4. thanks to everyone who has commented on the story so far! we’ve nearly exceeded my hopes for a $100 donation to Ethica.

    I apologize to readers who are inadvertently added to SixSeeds mailing list when leaving a comment. it’s their way of attracting new readers while they support other worthy organizations. feel free to UNsubscribe!

    and thanks to everyone for your support.

  5. incoming link:

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