one and one third

Early one morning 16 months ago, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world who would soon become our daughter.

Our hearts overflowed with love for this child, expanding in ways we never imagined.

She has filled our lives and home with joy and laughter, as we can now see the world through her bright young eyes.

Every moment is a new discovery. Every day a treasure.

Not a day has passed that I have not felt a depth of gratitude — for the ability, opportunity and privilege to be this little girl’s Mama.

Since she was placed in my arms by the amazing young woman who brought her into this world, I have been filled with compassion for them both — for K, whose light shines though Baby J’s eyes and smile, and for Baby J, who one day may face her own complex emotions about how she came to be with us.

I treasure each day with her, every moment, as they pass so quickly. Some days I almost want to capture time, for her to stay as she is right now — not just to preserve her precious baby-ness, but to protect her from the harm and indifference of the world. Yet I cannot.

I can only help her grow into the person she will become. I can nurture her innate intelligence, curious nature, and good humor. I can work to instill in her the love, respect, gratitude and compassion I feel as her Mama. I can try to equip her with confidence, independence, and problem-solving tools to help her through. I can explain how she is a citizen of the world, for she is truly a child of the universe.

No, time will not stop for us, nor should it.

With each new development, every milestone, comes an incredible sense of awe.

To observe as her inquisitive mind discovers, understands and learns…

To watch as her sturdy toddling legs balance and propel, as her tiny nimble fingers explore and tinker…

To communicate in ever greater ways with each passing day…

To gaze into her eyes and see how she experiences the world through all senses…

… is truly amazing to behold.

To my sweet, clever, curious, strong, able and yes, beautiful girl, I am so thankful to know you and to love you.

I am so grateful to be your Mama.

Happy one and one third, baby girl. Mama loves you so very much.


~ by luna on September 30, 2010.

8 Responses to “one and one third”

  1. This is really beautiful, Luna.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Luna. She and you both. Happy 4/3, Baby J!

  3. You know what’s really cool – one day – if you don’t delete this blog anyway, when she’s really pissed at you for something – she’s going to read just how adored she was/is!

  4. What a perfect picture! Congratulations on 16 months and all you have achieved!

  5. A really really beautiful letter. She will love to read it when she’s older and can read (and what a great mommy/daughter activity when you sit and read it together).

  6. I love that picture.

  7. What a beautiful letter- I know that some day when K is older the two of you will sit down together and share this and make another beautiful moment in both of your lives. I am so happy that you all found each other and the stars fell into place.

  8. Lovely! Thank you!

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