bits and what not

Oh my dear readers, are you still out there?

I’m still reading but haven’t had the chance to write. So many half written posts in my head that come out instead 140 characters at a time. So many things to say, to ponder, to share. So much on my mind and so little time. I swear it’s been so long that I almost forgot where the button is to start a new post. (In fact, I thought I published this last night, but I merely saved it.)

Where to begin? Here are just some bits and pieces.

Baby J is doing great. Hard to believe she will be 16 months old this week. Though her vocabulary is still limited — i.e., mama, dada, yeah yeah, hi, bye-bye, wow, etc., mixed with a growing variety of animal sounds — she makes herself well understood with just a few words and signs. And oh my, this little girl understands so much. We have to watch everything. Her Grandma Bea, a teacher of immigrant youth, likened it to teaching ESL students who comprehend much yet are slow to speak.

Poor baby is getting over a nasty cold. I don’t know if that ever gets easier. She’s been sick just twice before, both times after her first and second trips on a plane (germs!). There’s not much you can do but try to clean out her little nose and hope it clears soon. She’s so congested and has trouble falling asleep without her bottle of milk (yes, I know, she shouldn’t still get a bottle, but you know what? breastfed babies get milk before bed long after a year, and it’s only a little bit, so what’s the fuss about? it comforts her and helps her fall asleep, and we brush her teeth every day. win-win, right? the end.)

We had a great visit with Baby J’s Grandma Bea and teen uncle last week. They last saw her about six weeks ago, when K came to visit too. They really got to interact and enjoy her in her element, watched her run around and played with her. Grandma Bea always brings the most amazing gifts — so unbelievably generous — she brought some awesome developmentally appropriate wooden toys, and an adorable fleece for fall. So sweet. We had some interesting conversations, including another one like this, which she initiated. Once again, she said how grateful she is that we didn’t just decide to cut them out of Baby J’s life. At one point, I looked over to see Baby J pointing to her little uncle, leaning in to give him a hug, and I thought, why would we? We really hope to see K some time soon.

We got a call from T, Baby J’s birth father, who we haven’t seen since January. He tends to disappear for a while and then re-emerge, sometimes calling out of the blue and asking for a last minute visit that will usually be very difficult to impossible to accommodate.

As for me? Let’s see. A few things. Work continues to kick my ass. The new sitter is turning out to be pretty great, though she was a no-show once during her second week and I gave her another chance (said she entered our number wrong). Baby J really likes her though, and she’s probably a better fit than our first sitter. Plus it’s just 6 hours a week. And I’m home, locked in my office (trying not to have to pee until they take a walk). Not sure what we’ll do when the weather changes and it starts to rain for like five months. Outside activities keep Baby J very happy and busy.

There’s a lot else going on, some of which I’ll write about soon. A body part. An awkward conversation. Bottle feeding. A speeding ticket. First trip to the zoo. A visit to my dying mother. A perfect moment. All possible topics.

Until then.


~ by luna on September 29, 2010.

6 Responses to “bits and what not”

  1. I had actually been wondering about your mum at the beginning of the post — she has been on my mind and I had been hoping that the lack of words had meant things were neither here nor there. Sending a lot of love with that.

    And just happy to see a post pop up from you in the Reader.

  2. Great to hear from you, Luna! Now you’ve got me curious. Body part — earlobe? Awkward conversation — M is a Glee addict and you’re not?

    Sigh about your mom. Breathing with you, abiding.

  3. Been keeping your mom in my thoughts…
    Cant wait to read more–love when you post 🙂

  4. Glad to read your new post and know that life is going well.

  5. Been checking back every do often to see if you posted.
    Good to hear baby J is doing well and things are good for the most part 🙂

  6. […] Grandma Bea), and little brother (teen uncle). While we had seen Grandma Bea and Uncle Cee in September, Kaye hadn’t seen Baby J since early August. There have been so many changes in just three […]

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