cheers to the roundup

Toasting the 4th anniversary and 300th/200th edition of the Friday Roundup with one of the best cakes I have ever made. It was for my birthday this year, a scrumptious carrot cake made with all organic ingredients. I wish I could be eating it right now. Instead, I’ll just savor the memory of the moment, in honor of Melissa and all she does for the ALI community.

Every week, I take a look to see what I’ve missed in the blogosphere. I never fail to be moved and awed by the depth of truth and compassion found in this community. I love how we support one another, how we learn from each other. I love the connections we make through our words and hearts.

We write because we have to. Yet even when it may feel like the most solitary experience — silently tapping words to a screen — its inherent value as a therapeutic act is undeniable. Even when we sit alone in a dark room, reading and writing late at night as I do, or early in the morning with a cup of coffee, or while at work because we can’t help ourselves — we are really tapping into something so much larger, far more powerful and meaningful. That is community.

Thank you Roundup, for highlighting and amplifying our voices. Thank you Melissa, for all that you do to cultivate and support this community. You deserve so much more than virtual cake!

~ by luna on August 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “cheers to the roundup”

  1. Hip hip hooray! I could do with a piece of that cake right about now.

  2. Beautiful post. Cheers to the round up.
    I’m so thankful I found this community.

  3. i really must get that recipe from you!!

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