photo friday: puppy love

This is the first and longest time we’ve been without a pet in the many years we’ve been together. We lost both our beloved kitty and pup in 2007 and it’s been more than three whole years since.

Still, I couldn’t resist participating in this week’s Photo Friday, though it has been quite a while. The theme today (it’s still Friday) is pets.

I’ve said it all before here.

This quite simply was the best dog ever.

Eight years ago this week, we made our way home with the tiniest little bundle of fur love. She nestled into my cleavage while smacking big puppy kisses on my chin. She was so excited, it seemed, to be coming home with us.

We all bonded instantly. You could say she became our surrogate child.

We were together nearly five years before she was taken from us far too soon.

She was such a gorgeous gentle being.

We thought she would be the playmate and guardian of our children, the protector. She absolutely loved babies and toddlers, she was so sweet and tolerant.

Instead, she taught us once again how fleeting life can be, how nothing lasts, how every moment together is so precious.

She and Baby J would no doubt have adored each other. I’m reminded of that every day, especially when she toddles around with this photo, hugging and kissing it as she tries to say “doggie.”

It’s amazing how much we still miss her…

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~ by luna on July 16, 2010.

6 Responses to “photo friday: puppy love”

  1. Aww. She’s beautiful. Makes me miss my doggy too.

  2. I can almost feel the softness of her fur. I miss my first boy, still.

  3. its so hard. ther’s always one dog that seems to be the hardest to loose. One that has been thru so much. I”ve had one of those too and also he was gone too soon.

  4. Aww, she was such a beauty. And so sweet sounding (*hugs*)

  5. OMG, she my Max are siblings separated at birth. I cannot get over the similarity! So of course I love her to bits and pieces. Missing her with you. What a lovely sweet pup.

  6. […] to write this post. I am a bad blogger, I know. The only post I could muster in the past month was recycled photos of my old dog. Ah […]

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