rambling on my mind

First, thanks for all your anniversary wishes. We had a wonderful afternoon together. We walked to a new cafe for lunch, where we ordered Baby J her first meal off a menu (organic whole wheat mac and cheese, with her regular veggies on the side) and I had homemade mint chip ice cream for dessert (somehow dessert with lunch seems so decadent).

That morning, Baby J had her first year check up (at 13 months), where we learned she weighs 23 pounds, which explains why my back goes out so often. There were some freaky people in the waiting room, and some pretty sick kids, which always makes me nervous. While waiting over an hour for our doctor, we explored the garden outside (she refused to keep her hat on, but she was wearing sunscreen).

I’ve been so busy with work and life that I’ve barely had time for much else. I’ve been wanting to write about so many things, but have lacked both the time and energy. Plus I think since this post I’ve been feeling a lot more limited in what I’m willing to write about our adoption. Which sort of sucks because there is much to say.

Since I can’t seem to form a coherent post on any one subject, I’ll just ramble on about a few things…

– The Babysitter. I was not surprised to read the comments about my dilemma with the new sitter — i.e., those of the ‘you just need to leave them alone and she’ll be fine’ variety. Yet this is not a child (now anyway) who will simply cry it out for a few and be fine. No, she works herself into a fit until she is practically choking on her own spit. I know she’ll be fine, eventually. Truly the only success has been when they’ve taken long walks (no crying at all), or played out back (cries intermittently between distractions). So the sitter works hard to distract her, and I work hard to be quiet and invisible in my office. I still wonder whether it’s a great fit, but this sweet woman is headed to college in a month and soon I’ll have to start all over again…

– Work. Still not getting all my hours in at home (see above), though it’s an improvement from before. Our budget prevents us from hiring the sitter for longer, and exhaustion prevents me from fitting in more hours after a long day. I try to make up for it, but it’s challenging. I’ve also found my tolerance for certain things is waning, and my focus easily shifts (look, twitter!). Though I still love my work, I know this job will not last forever. Funding is already running low for next year. In case you haven’t noticed, the economy can still be heard swirling down the toilet. Not a great climate for fundraising.

– A Move. It looks as though we’re going to have to move at some point soon, yet we’re not sure where. We won’t be leaving the Bay Area as our lives and work are quite rooted here, though for a long time it seemed we could not really afford to either stay or go. We love where we live now — wonderful home, close to nature, great community, good neighbors, excellent schools, an edible garden, wild berries out back, etc. But we want to buy and in all likelihood, we’ll have to move further away to get what we want, possibly another county. I know change can be good, and this opens up some possibilities. But moving really sucks. And it will be hard to leave our lovely little haven.

– Visits. We’ve got two visits scheduled in the next two weeks with each of Baby J’s grandmothers by birth. One we’re looking forward to, the other is causing some anxiety. No visits on the horizon with either of her birthparents.

– Development. In case you didn’t notice above, did I mention Baby J is now walking? This girl can move. She is strong, sturdy and stealth. It’s a whole new world. She’s also starting to sign back to us, finally, as we’ve been signing since she was 5.5 months old. She uses “more/again” for pretty much everything she wants. She’s saying a few words too. “Buh bye” is definitely her favorite, then “DaDa.” This past week we made a lot of progress on “MaMa.” She has also been trying to say “doggie,” and she pets the photo of our old girl (which nearly brought me to tears). Maybe time for a new pup soon…

– Sleep. Finally, a baby who will sleep through the night! Not every night, mind you, sometimes not all night. She has never been a great sleeper. But oh my, what a difference a full night’s sleep makes. And a few in a row? There was much rejoicing. Our struggle to get to this point is definitely worth it’s own post. Or three.

Speaking of sleep, it now beckons.


~ by luna on July 8, 2010.

10 Responses to “rambling on my mind”

  1. Love the update! Poor Maya and 3 1/2 is 27 pounds, but most little kids are heavy untilt he walking and running slows them up. Even my skinny mini was almost 20pounds at 16 months, but you know her legs and her mouth moves non stop! good luck with balancing everything.

  2. Wow. Look at her go.
    I hear you on hating moving. The longer you’re in a place the harder it is too. Hope you find something that works well for you all.

  3. I enjoyed this update so much, too. It’s exciting to compare notes with there Coleman has been these days — they are so close in age. No walking yet (without a finger to hold onto) beyond a few steps before falling on his butt, BUT he’s got that taking-all-hats-off thing down!

    There’s so much about that sitter situation that I can relate to. It’s all about distractions and long, long walks, but he cries hysterically the second he sees me. I feel so confused about it — did Dr. Sears lie to me? I thought if we’d been “attached”, he was ultimately supposed to be more secure at some point… perhaps he meant by college age?

  4. Happy belated anniversary! I feel your pain–literally–with Oman weighing 24 lbs, my back is so tired at the end of the day. And I hear they only get heavier 😉 Worth that aching back though.

  5. Go Baby J! I absolutely love that pic! Beautiful.

  6. Oh, crap, did I miss your anniversary? Sorry – CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I miss a lot these days. I can’t believe she is walking – it seems like yesterday she was a newborn resting on your chest….ahhh…..for your back, try Thermacare – I get the big pack from Cosco – my back hears your back and understands.

  7. Sorry to hear that things are still difficult as far as the sitter is concerned, but very happy to read all about Baby J’s achievements – she’s quite close in age to Little Miss (who’s just coming up to fifteen months) and who’s now also walking and signing. She’s only just hit twenty pounds but, even so, I can empathise with you with regard to the back pain!

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  9. […] year in another midnight ramble, I mentioned that we would probably have to move from our little spot of paradise within the year, […]

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