a year later

one year ago today … welcome home

a year later … birthday celebration


~ by luna on June 1, 2010.

10 Responses to “a year later”

  1. What a year it’s been. She’s beautiful. Happy feelin’s indeed. 😉

  2. She is adorable! Just beautiful.

  3. Looks like a wonderful celebration! I’m glad so many important people were able to be there.

    Baby J will soon be toddler J. And dang — she’s cute!

  4. What a cutie she is. Happy Birthday little girl.

  5. Amazing all that happens in just one year- she truly is a beautiful baby! Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing journey with us- Happy Birthday Baby J!

  6. my heart be still from the baby lust flutters. She is precious and just loving her cake. Happy Birthday little one.

  7. What beautiful pictures! Sounds like it was a lovely party. =)

  8. She is precious! Congrats.

  9. Congrats on year one! She’s adorable.

  10. […] Baby Jaye was on the brink of walking. She had just a handful of words and a couple of signs. Her first birthday was an amazing day, as was the whole weekend. We remembered our time with Kaye before Baby Jaye was […]

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