… and the rest of it

First a perfect moment, and now the rest of it…

So for us, the weekend began on Saturday, when M came home from work bearing these…

It continued with an unbelievable dinner on Saturday evening, when a friend came over and made cheese fondue(!), served with bread, broccoli, apples, pears, potatoes, and steak (grilled by M). Scrumptious! I contributed an appetizer of seared ahi with avocado and cucumber (in the far left corner)…

Dinner was accompanied by an amazing French wine from the same year that M and I were married — a very good year indeed! (I should note this wine was a gift from our dinner guest, a collector who bought it by the case some time ago before the price rocketed to totally out-of-control…)

We topped it off with an easy but delectable dessert by moi — luscious strawberries dipped in melted semisweet dark chocolate¬† (mmmm).

I know, right?

It was quite an evening. Then Sunday morning was wonderful, a perfect moment of its own. A truly perfect way to start the day, beginning with sleeping in until nearly 8am.

We made plans to just spend the day as a family and take a nice walk. Unlike all week when we had gorgeous weather though, it was cold and rainy. The only other thing I wanted to do was maybe squeeze in some gardening. Rain or shine. I haven’t been able to get my hands in the dirt for the past year, and it shows.

But first, M made us breakfast (fabulous fruit smoothies) and after some play time he made lunch too (yummy scramble with green chiles, potatoes, guacamole and organic chicken sausage). Then I went out back and planted three kinds of tomatoes (sungolds and two heirlooms), cucumbers (divas, because they have thin skins!), lots of basil, and an eggplant. I trimmed the mint, rosemary and lavender, and admired the irises in full bloom and some roses on the way. Even with a chill in the damp air rather than the warm sun on my back, it was wonderful.

Meanwhile, M had fed and bathed the baby so I could take a long hot shower, a luxury I’m not normally afforded when she is stealing a few moments sleep or I’m rushing off to work.

Soon it was time for dinner. (Does it seem like the whole day was about food?) M called in an order to our favorite sushi spot that we haven’t been to since our anniversary, and we packed up a feast to go…

Yes, we devoured the entire platter! Plus some grilled leeks, miso soup and sesame spinach salad.

To top it off, we picked up some handmade ice cream from my favorite local shop for dessert. Fresh strawberry (not normally my favorite flavor but it was SO fresh and delicious) and coconut (vegan, made with coconut milk and agave-sweetened).

All in all, a lovely day.

And now, back to the grind. But first, don’t forget to stop and smell these…

How did you spend your weekend?


~ by luna on May 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “… and the rest of it”

  1. Haha, not nearly so well as you spent yours! The worst pair of days I’ve had in months. On the bright side, today just had to be better, and it was.

    If I’d photographed my weekend meals you might have seen one of several microwave frozen meals, dry cheerios, or nutrition bars (Kashi as well as Luna!!).

  2. Looks like an amazing day!

  3. WHO EATS LIKE THAT????? WHO???? OHMIGOD, I am so hungry now! Your husband is so wonderful, you tell him I said so!

  4. Lovely. Though, I’m very jealous. I am so glad that it was such a calm, affirming weekend for you. I had a wonderful day, despite the chaos around here and I have to tell you that I cherished every second of it, in no small part because I have opened my heart to your story and a few others. Thank you.

  5. Okay, now that is a really good “rest of it”!

  6. […] the world, who saw in me what I could not for so long. As I celebrated with my own little family (and then some), I still could not escape the thought that Baby J’s birthmother Kaye was likely feeling her […]

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