photo friday: beverages and what’s cooking

I intended to take new pictures this week, really. But then I saw the theme for this week’s Photo Friday was beverages and what’s cooking. As it turns out, I have a whole bunch of good old food porn shots already stored away, plus I’m way behind on uploading photos.

So, here are some oldies but goodies from a few weekend excursions in 2008 before there was a Baby J. Guess which one is from Seattle and which is from Big Sur. Then, in honor of my impending birthday next month, I treat you to my favorite cake. Almost time to make it again…

Check out the other Photo Friday entries this week and remember to find some beauty in the mundane.


~ by luna on April 30, 2010.

6 Responses to “photo friday: beverages and what’s cooking”

  1. oh YUUUUUUM. I do love me some food porn!
    & the Big Sur photo? love it.
    I would also like you to mail me some of that cake please.

  2. Damn! And YUM:)

  3. All of them drool-worthy.

  4. Omigosh. Where can I get me some of that amazing CAKE???

  5. Beautiful pictures!

  6. Yum. And wow.

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