recipe rut

I am so tired of making and eating the same thing week in and week out. Long days at work and long nights at home make a tired hungry mama luna, too.

Breakfast is easy. I am grateful for the mornings when Mr. luna gets up before me and makes us fantastic protein smoothies for breakfast. I love cooking big breakfasts on the weekends: tasty veggie scrambles, fluffy pancakes with summer berries, thick moist french toast with warm maple syrup, hot oatmeal with brown sugar and blueberries.

Lunch starts to get a little complicated. Same old, same old. Leftovers are best and easy, no thought or planning necessary. Sandwiches and salads get old unless you keep them really interesting. Going out at work gets expensive.

Dinner. This is where I start to lose my gusto. How many times can we eat some variation of chicken, or beans and rice, or pasta? Sometimes I am so inspired by fresh seasonal ingredients at the market. I usually love to cook on the weekends when I have time and can be more creative. But who has time to shop during the week? Usually by Wednesday or Thursday, the fridge is empty. We’ve been saving money by eating in more, which is good. Plus the baby needs to eat now too. Lately M has been inspired and taken to cooking, all the power to him, it’s wonderful. But luna needs to rediscover her game.

So, I was thinking of starting a new food-related series to inspire some new ideas…

I thought I could present a food category (e.g., appetizer or fish) or a specific ingredient (e.g., broccoli or lemon or sweet potatoes) and you, dear readers, could share some of your favorite recipes. You could either share one of your own or link to one online. Or you could take a pass on the theme and link to your favorite food blog or site that day instead (sort of like a wild card). Or you could do both. If people participate, I’ll do it again.

I’ll begin posting recipes next time. To start us off today, here are some of my favorite food blogs that I stalk when I am looking for some inspiration (or maybe just a good distraction):

Where do you get your inspiration? What are your favorite food sites or recipe books? Any ideas for recipe categories you’d like to see here? Feed me.


~ by luna on April 28, 2010.

8 Responses to “recipe rut”

  1. I love this idea. My new favourite food blog is Macheesmo ( I think his recipes are fantastic. Love Smitten Kitchen. Try a lot of the stuff from Baker’s Banter ( Plus, I go to the library and check out dozens of cookbooks and read them in bed at night.

  2. Ok at this moment in time I can relate to the rut thing as I’m still on a clear liquid diet and there is only so much you can do with broth, crystal light and jello.
    Your recipe ideas sound great. Of course I might start drooling on the keyboard reading about some of it.

  3. Luna – I’m a vegetarian (not vegan though) and I love Heidi Swanson’s blog 101 cookbooks. She is also SF based so for some bizarre reason I feel like following her blog 🙂 like I’m so eager to try that miso tofu recipe.

  4. Now theoretically, if I had the time and energy I would definitely cook this – Halibut with brown butter, accompanied by crushed chickpeas with olives and roasted cumin carrots. Saw it on French Food at Home on the Food Network Canada. But if she thinks I’m pitting 1/2 cup of green olives by hand she’s out of her mind!

  5. I like this lady and her friends

    And you will have to hold your breath for the much anticipated, slow arriving blog fan-forking-tastic (coming to a computer near you) which will be the title of a foodie blog me and my friend intend to start. Do you think “Get forked” is a better name? I can’t tell if I prefer the daggy enthusiasm/australianism (very oz to stick f*&king in the middle of a word for hyperbole)of the first or the slightly sharper pun. Still deciding

    We have done lots of food experiments and pretty much nailed nougat together last year, and made a fine quince paste just last week. Not to mention a masterclass at a french restaurant the other week in which we deboned a rabbit and used caul! I impress me! Just need to blog them. Will notify when it is birthed. (the blog that is!)

    Sadly tonight’s dinner was, like yours, slim pickings from the soggy vegetables at the back of the fridge. It was fried egg on rice with a cabbage, celery and corn stir fry (mirin, soy, coconut vinegar and sesame oil) and then I had to add my home made savoury plum sauce to it to give it some flavour. Yes,I think it was my strangest meal to date.

    Don’t rush out to buy the ingredients. Firstly, you would have to leave them in your fridge for about, ummmmm 3 weeks in order to replicate the incredible texture and flavour, and secondly, it pretty much sucked. But now my tummy is full and I didn’t waste the vegetables.

    But i have cooked some corkers in the last few weeks including: mini apple crumbles (pie base with bluberry spread, poached apple and then coconut crumble on top), rabbit and fennel pies, lamb and quince tajine, grilled vege tarts with marinated goats cheese (easy and delicious), spinach and potato pockets….. they all pretty much rocked and if you like the sound of any I can try and remember how I made them and share it with you.

  6. Pioneer woman. Pioneer woman. Pioneer woman.

    Every recipe I’ve tried by her is amazing. I also enjoy 365 days of crockpot.

  7. I”m always in a rut, and I must make soemthing for us to eat for dinner. Although chicken is not really something my husband likes he is a red meat guy so all the stuf fyou are talking about aren’t his cup of tea. I should look online for recipes I never have but maybe it would help inspire me. just made some french bread and it was fantastic tasting, a little flat looking but taste is what matters.

  8. I am a serious Smitten devotee. I also love the magazine Fine Cooking, have been a subscriber since (gulp) ’96 and there are recipes in there that have become staples in my house. We’ve also learned a ton about how to cook that makes it a lot easier to be inspired, if you know what I mean.

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