I have arrived

Yes, I now exist in iconic form, thanks to the fabulous Stirrup Queen herself.

I’ve always admired the avatars of just about everyone who has one. In fact, I told Melissa I thought she should feature her cool creations on a gallery page somewhere.

One day, while looking over my shoulder while I was tweeting, M saw some of Mel’s creations and said to me, “so, what do you have to do get one of those?” Or maybe he said, “so who does a girl have to screw around here to get one of those?” I can’t remember which. (ETA: Actually, M doesn’t remember saying that last part. I suppose it’s possible that in my twisted mind, that’s just how I remembered it.)

Anyway. That was months ago.

So finally, after a little prompting, I just asked.

Mel recently wrote about the anniversary of her You Tube sensation and Infertility Film Festival hit, “My Aunt Jane knows more than my RE.” I remember when I first saw that video. I fell instantly in love with Melissa. I watched every one of her video creations, over and over. I laughed and cried. I thought, wow, this chick gets it. I loved her sense of humor, her creativity. I loved her innovative use of new media to promote understanding and community.

Most of all, I loved that with just one click, I had found a new home.

So, when Mel wrote about how much she’s learned about Microsoft Paint since creating the video, I was reminded of my quest.

Now I’m just tickled ferocious that Mel has created me! Behold, the new luna avatar:

I should note that Melissa asked me what I wanted to hold in my hands. Since mojitos and chocolate were already taken, I told her to just go with the celestial luna theme. She got my colors just right. And she made my hair so pretty!

Thanks, Mel. I love it!


~ by luna on March 28, 2010.

10 Responses to “I have arrived”

  1. Hey, I’ve been dutifully Clicking my little patootie off and I still don’t have one. Hmph.

    (Totally kidding, Mel, in case you read this.)

    Very cute. Love the nighttime sky!

  2. Cuuute!

    Mel didn’t anticipate the wave of avatar requests now headed her way.

  3. Hee, I love it too!

    Is this akin to being painted by Warhol?

  4. I love it! 🙂

  5. It’s SO amazingly beautiful. You and Melissa are both really something.

    Sorry about the mojito.

    Not really.

  6. Wait, M does remember that sordid night we had in SF, right?

    Everyone and all, I am thrilled to make those avatars for you. Any excuse to use Microsoft Paint is a good day.

  7. The chocolate is soooo totally mine mine MINE! lol…

  8. I love it! You are so PERTTTTTYYYY!!!!!!

  9. Awwww, love it. You HAVE arrived, girl!!

  10. Mel totally rocks. : ) And so do you! : )

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