six months

It’s hard to believe our little girl is already six months old.

So many exciting new developments every week, every day.

Baby J is rolling every which way. She is trying to sit up. She vocalizes a lot by babbling and squeals with delight when she is excited or happy.

She’s a big girl — in the top percentile for weight for her age. She is outgrowing her six month clothes already, before they’ve even been worn. She loves to eat and gets quite upset if her bottle is not ready when she is, or if you try to take it away before she is done. She has started to eat some real food too, since she began reaching for ours at five months old. She loves everything she has tried so far except bananas (we’ll try again). I love making her food — so far I’ve made purees of organic roasted sweet potatoes and butternut squash, and steamed pears and apples. She also likes pureed prunes mixed with some rice cereal and munching on a piece of apple through her mesh teething feeder.

She’s been teething for over a month but no teeth have come in yet. She jams her fist in her mouth and anything else she can grab. She loves the homeopathic herbs we give her and she opens wide for the drops. I hate to think of her in pain when she’s so little, and it could still be a while before her teeth come in.

While she has slept through the night several times, she doesn’t make a habit of it. She still wakes up for a bottle most nights, and usually but not always goes right back to sleep. In the morning she wakes up happy, if a little early sometimes. During the day she is not much of a napper at all. She sometimes takes power naps after feedings but not for long and never on a schedule. She loves to bounce on the big ball while falling asleep, and she likes to fall asleep in our arms, of course. And she is getting heavy! I sing to her every night, from traditional lullabyes to The Beatles (“Blackbird”), Louis Armstrong (“Wonderful World”), Bob Dylan (“Forever Young”), John Lennon (“Imagine”) and more.

She loves music and especially when we sing and dance. She loves the chimes outside our door. She loves peekaboo and looking in the mirror. She loves kitties and has reached out to very gently pet three different cats in the past few weeks. She seems unphased by dogs even when being licked. When on her changing table, she gets excited and kicks her left leg like a little horse while squealing. She likes to kick over the arches on her activity mat and smile when you ask her what happened. She likes holding hands.

She seems curious about other babies and kids but only if they are quiet and mellow. When they are loud and screaming she tunes them out. Her cousins adore her and all call her “Baby J_.” Three of the girls (ages 2, 3, and 5) have all passed down their adorable clothes to her. Two of them have named dolls and stuffed animals after her.

She loves loves loves the outdoors. Walking outside calms her down when she’s upset. She gets all giddy when you first walk out the door and show her the trees and sky. She even likes just looking out the window.

Her eyes radiate light, just like K’s. Her laughter is the best sound in the universe.

This little girl has brought us so much joy these past six months. I feel so lucky to be her mama. I am so grateful to K for seeing in us the parents we’ve always wanted to be. It is impossible to describe the love in my heart for this girl. How could you resist this face?


~ by luna on December 1, 2009.

21 Responses to “six months”

  1. That is beautiful, Luna. She is a wonderful baby (yes yes I know, they’re all wonderful, but she is particularly special) and you are a wonderful mother.

  2. That is the most adorable picture!!!

  3. Irresistable indeed! 🙂

  4. Great list of memories 🙂 She is just beautiful!

  5. What a adorable little face and a great post!!!!!!

  6. What a joy to read your update! Yes, that face is irresistible. So darned cute. Touchwood!

  7. To look at? Gorgeous! And this:
    “Her eyes radiate light, just like K’s. Her laughter is the best sound in the universe.” Love this, too.

  8. Gorgeous!! Your happiness and love for your little girl just shines through in your words.

  9. She is just too cute, Luna!

  10. She’s gorgeous with such tremendous life and spirit to her. Congrats on the six month mark, I remember it being a tough one for me. It starts getting REALLY fun now though.

  11. So cool. 🙂

  12. She’s amazing. Thanks for the 6 month update 🙂

  13. Congrats to all of you! And with your love of nature photos, this one of Baby J seems extra-fitting!

  14. Time definitely flies…Happy half birthday, sweet girl!!

  15. Wow. Six months old already. She is beautiful.

  16. Oh. My. She blooms. It’s like falling in love isn’t it?

  17. I’m thrilled to hear she loves the outdoors…our dude also gets so calm and content outside, esp in the woods. I can’t wait until spring, when I plan to really get him out on hikes.

  18. 6 months? How the hell did THAT happen?! So super cute though – love the photo:-)

  19. Absolutely precious!!

  20. she is gorgeous…simply gorgeous….

  21. […] posted updates about our beautiful girl on occasion (at 3 weeks, at 50 days, at 100 days, and at 6 months). We welcomed Baby J to our family with a beautiful celebration in August. We’ve continued to […]

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