today and tomorrow

This morning we had our second post placement visit with our social worker. Like last time, it was an easy visit. I didn’t even get to really clean, and barely finished showering before she arrived. Thankfully, M brought home some fresh flowers at least.

As she came through the door, the first thing she said was “wow, look at her!” It is clear that Baby J is thriving with her kissable pudgy cheeks and extra leg rolls (butter anyone?). Our case worker asked basic questions about our last doctor’s visit, her sleeping patterns, our routines, etc. She had to pause a few times just to enjoy some baby cooing and glorious smiles.

Two more visits between now and early January before we can petition the court to finalize the adoption. Our finalization hearing would likely be in March.

Given all the talk about naming in adoption, I’ll just say I find it so strange that Baby J will be issued a new birth certificate after finalization, as opposed to just having her last name legally changed. Since the rest of her name will remain the same, I just don’t see the need for a new birth certificate or to seal the original. To think if we lived in a different state, she might not even have access to that important life document. Bizarre.

On a totally different note, we’ve been talking a lot about synergy and how the stars must have been aligned for us to meet K and for this little being to come into our lives. For what its worth, we’re going to have Baby J’s astrological chart read by a known professional tomorrow. Not a newspaper hack astrologer, but a well respected intuitive reader. I’m not sure what to make of it all, but maybe it could shed some light on some of the forces at play here. At the very least, it will provide something interesting to add to her book.


~ by luna on September 3, 2009.

7 Responses to “today and tomorrow”

  1. Oh, those cheeks! Makes me want to reach through the computer for a smooch!

  2. I too find it bizarre that a new birth certificate is issued with a new name. Makes it very hard if you’re trying to trace your birth family, especially if the adoption took place in the past when things were less open.

  3. I know that for the state of Wa (where I was born) I don’t have access to my original birth certificate. I’ve tried a few times before and run into dead ends. That said, though I have some curiosity about my birth family I don’t feel like something is missing because I’ve never been able to find info. I know though that many others don’t feel this way.

  4. I’m glad visit #2 went well! Our first one is scheduled in a couple of weeks, and it’s good to know that it shouldn’t be as involved as our initial homestudy interviews. It would be nice not to have to clean like a mad woman!

    I’ve been trying to figure out the rules in PA with regards to a birth certificate. I believe the original is sealed, and we can request a copy (or she can after age 18). I haven’t been able to get a definitive answer.

  5. I can’t wait for the interpretation of the stars.

  6. Glad the visit went so well. Baby J might have the cutest most kissable cheeks ever.

    I had no idea about the birth certificate…

  7. Great news!

    WRT the new birth certificate, it makes it easier for times when you may have to provide her birth certificate but don’t want to get into the details of her joining your family through adoption since that is her story.

    I mean, when we went to get her passport at the post office, the clerk who took the information didn’t need to know how she came to be our daughter. And this isn’t about adoption shame. It’s more about privacy and letting her figure out when she wants to share that information.

    I have no idea all the times her birth certificate may be needed in the future to validate her age, but her adoption story is hers to tell. An amended birth certificate will automatically share the story when she might not want that. As such, I’m happy with the new copy, though both her original and new version are both hers to access…that is when she learns how to read.

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