another reason to hate the thing that rhymes with lacehook

My husband’s account was hacked this morning, with some poseur sending messages to all of his “friends” saying he was robbed at gunpoint and asking for money. When he logged on to see what was going on, the dude was “chatting” up one of his “friends” directly, posing as him.


Account cancelled.



~ by luna on August 13, 2009.

12 Responses to “another reason to hate the thing that rhymes with lacehook”

  1. Yo, that *is* creepy!

  2. wow. and ew.

  3. Completely creepy.

    Beware that the account can be simply reactivated by the ‘user’ so if this guy has access he could continue to have access.

  4. One more reason not to sign up in the first place…!

  5. Yeah, that site is way too sketchy for me. People are just that crazy, though.

  6. Oh, how low. So wrong. I’m sorry.

  7. Dirty bugger.

  8. That is really really really creepy. How do accounts get hacked? This is the second time I’ve heard of this happening.

  9. Yikes. That is seriously creepy.

  10. Fb always seemed rife with possibilities for creepiness, but that truly takes the cake.

  11. Happened to us too, but on a yahoo email account. Very creepy.

  12. How does this happen? I see others have asked this question too. Does someone just guess your password or do they use software to spy on you when you are entering it?

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