show and tell: the amazing blanket

I have not “shown and told” in such a long time! But this warranted sharing. Come on and join the circle.

Three months ago, we were preparing for the arrival of our new baby via open adoption. One weekend when K was more than eight months pregnant, we all painted the nursery together in a labor of love.

mural wall2

It was an incredible feeling to create this setting for our new baby, together with K. To know the warm sun she made would always shine down and remind us all of her abundant energy, life and light. To feel grounded in the roots of that strong oak, our tree of life. We envisioned our little baby in this nursery surrounded by nature and lots of love.

We were so proud when we were done. We sent photos to our family, and went on with our preparations. K was due in just three weeks time.

Earlier this month, we had a small family gathering to welcome Baby J and K into our lives. My brother and his beautiful family traveled far to celebrate with us.

This post should really be called “my amazing sister in law.” Because look what she did:

mural blanket

She created her own labor of love, somehow between work, raising two kids, and packing up all my niece’s gorgeous clothes to pass along.

Now everyone loves a handmade blanket. But this took my breath away.

When we opened it up, I first saw the tree. Then I realized it was OUR tree. Our sun. Our moon. Our WALL! Tears.

I still can’t believe she made it at all, let alone from a photograph, thousands of miles away.

It’s the softest velour with three dimensional microsuede and velvety figures, fit with bells and mirrors and crinkly baby paper and movable critters.

And guess who loves it already?

mural blanket babyJ

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~ by luna on August 12, 2009.

35 Responses to “show and tell: the amazing blanket”

  1. Oh, Luna! The blanket is just amazing, perhaps the best gift I’ve ever seen. Someday your grandchildren and then your great-grandchildren will be snuggled up in that blanket.

    I think that’s the first photo you’ve ever posted with J’s whole face. She is sooooo cute!

  2. The blanket is fabulous! Wow!

  3. I LOVE J’s room and I LOVE that blanket!! So jealous! J is very cute btw!

  4. That blanket is just beautiful! And Baby J looks soo cute on it!

  5. what a beautiful gift of love to receive. So happy for you and the blessing of this little baby.

  6. Oh my G-d! I’m bawling. I remember when you were painting that wall and what an incredibly moving and thoughtful gift for her to realize how much that act meant to me and bring it to a second medium. All I can think of is how that blanket needs to be incorporated into her chuppah when she’s older 🙂

  7. Wow. Just, Wow! That is the most amazing quilt I have ever seen and the story behind it is beautiful in the truest sense.

    Only fitting for such a beautiful baby . . .

  8. Oh Luna! Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!

    And that blanket is pretty awesome, too!

  9. Holy cow!! I remember the wall mural. That quilt is a true work of art. I am just in awe of people who can do stuff like that.

    You have reminded me of something special that I can Show & Tell in the future too — thanks!

  10. AAAAH! Acute cute attack! I can’t take it! 🙂

    What an amazing gift! I love it, and the care and thoughtfulness that went into it. It just shines with love for this child. What a lucky gal.

  11. Amazing! The artistry AND the sentiment. Really lovely.

  12. Luna, that gave me chills! What a fantastic keepsake to remember the beauty and complexity of this child’s start.

  13. Oh wow. What a truly amazing work of art that was created both on the wall and on that blanket. The blanket is so beautiful and such an amazing gift.

  14. That is absolutely beautiful. It almost made me cry. She is an amazing friend!

  15. That is amazing. What a fabulous gift.

    Any look at that baby and the rolls! Too cute!

  16. Oh wow oh wow! What an incredible blanket. I true piece of artwork and a labor of love. And, how incredibly cool that she made it so baby friendly. Absolutely perfect…and the wall is pretty amazing too.

  17. Both the room and the blanket are AMAZING!! Such talent!!!

  18. That blanket is beautiful! Wow. What a great treasure for you and the little one!

  19. That looks so lovely!

  20. That is absolutely gorgeous! I’m sure it will be passed down and treasured for generations.

  21. Absolutely fantastic – i think it is so meaningful when someone makes something to say they value you, your loss


  22. Such a beautiful blanket!

  23. Oh, Luna. This post and the blanket are just so moving – I feel completely unable to express how beautiful it all is. Not to mention the divine little J – she is so chubby and beautiful and I just want to kiss her sweet little shoulders! Scrumptious – she looks even more delicious than all the food pictures you’ve ever posted all put together!

  24. Gorgeous! Amazing! So special!

    (And that blanket’s very nice too. 😉

  25. Holy smokes this is beautiful. And so incredibly thoughtful. And man– amazingly well done. And I think Mel has something there with the chuppa, and maybe even on to the next generation. Just WOW.

  26. Brought a tear to my eye. What a sweet, heartfelt Show&Tell. 🙂

  27. That is incredible! What a special gift to cherish always.

  28. So amazing. Your brother has great taste in women, obviously (and in sisters).

    I love it.

  29. Wow, luna, what an amazing gift. So beautiful and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing it with us. And baby J!!??? Ahh, the cheeks…. She’s getting to be such a big girl already!

  30. What an amazing, beautiful blanket and gesture. And seriously, Baby J just melts my heart. What a sweetheart…she’s gorgeous!!

  31. What an incredible gift! The love and the talent shines through.

  32. I heart your sister in law! What a wonderful family heirloom this is going to be – baby J is thriving and you are doing wonders with her.
    Good work proud mama and amazing dad M!

  33. wowsers. I can imagine you needed a whole box of kleenex for that. I’m simply amazed at the talented, thoughtful things that people can do. What a wonderful seamstress she is.

  34. Truly amazing! As is Baby J! (When I worked in day care, we had a baby who looked like yours, and called her “Juicy!”)

  35. I am speechless. The wall is amazing, but that blanket is unbelievable. Truly. What a gift.

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