so what do you wanna know?

Here are some of the things I’ve been pondering writing more about, given time and energy.  (NOTE preference may be given to topics that pique the most interest — of course this assumes I still have readers — but the author reserves the right to write about whatever the hell she wants…)

– Baby J’s birth story (still haven’t told it here…)

– our relationship with K and baby J’s biological father (to the extent I’m comfortable sharing)

– infertile parenting (or how I feel now that I’m (sort of) a member of the club that wouldn’t have me)

– how I’m not a cliche urban legend because I’ll never get pregnant now that I’ve adopted

– adoptive parenting (issues that will inevitably arise)

– challenges of parenting at 40 (pretty self explanatory)

– how adoptive breastfeeding is going (also pretty self explanatory)

– family and friends reactions to open adoption (what, you mean they all totally get it?)

– the adoption process generally, or open adoption specifically

– how I’m loving summer fruit right now (yum!)

– other?


~ by luna on July 20, 2009.

23 Responses to “so what do you wanna know?”

  1. No preference as to order, but I would love to hear about ALL those things, eventually! : )

  2. I honestly would love to hear the birth story. 🙂

  3. I really want to hear about adoptive breastfeeding and I am also DYING to hear the birth story!! But I will take what I can get and be thrilled with it because it is you telling your story. Much love to you and thanks for posting – I think of you often, Luna.

  4. I’m still walking nervously around thinking some paperwork is gonna come bite you in the ass given some cryptic things you wrote earlier, but that’s the glass-half-empty tash talking, and apparently you don’t sound nearly so worried. So everything must be groovy, and frankly I’d just like to know *how you are* and *how baby is* and that everything in paperwork land is a-ok.

  5. Hi- I would love to hear about your relationship with the birthfamily and if it changed at all after the birth. We are hoping to adopt a baby girl due August 7th. Birthmom and I were becoming really close and not that the due date is coming she has needed space. I would love to hear more about your relationship with the birthfamily.

  6. Infertile parenting is the topic that is most relevant to my own life, but I’d love to hear you talk about any of those topics.

    She is such a cutie!

  7. I’d love to hear about the birthstory, your relationship with the birthparents, and family and friends reactions to open adoption. We’re just starting the process and so many of those things are on my mind as we make the decision with which agency to go with, and how to make sure everything is done ethically in the best interests of the baby and it’s first parents.

  8. They all sound interesting, but especially the birth story, adoptive breastfeeding, and open adoption in general.

  9. all of the above!

  10. All, but specifically adoptive parenting.


  11. They all sound interesting! I love your blog, no matter what you write about!

  12. Adoptive breastfeeding and the birth story, please. (And then all the others too. I’m not picky, just demanding.)

  13. Infertile/adoptive parenting (there’s more in common between than two than you’d think) and summer fruit! With pictures, please. 🙂

    Or just whatever you have time to post about. Just post, okay?

  14. Would love to hear your take on being an adoptive parent. I’ve tried to address some of my feelings about the experience on my blog, not always successfully. I know that not everyone’s perspective is the same and I would love to hear yours.

  15. I would like to hear more about your relationship with J’s birthparents, as much as you’re willing to share. I’d also like to know how the breastfeeding is going. I never considered it, but am always interested to hear how it goes when others try it. I’d also like to hear how your family has reacted.

  16. I must admit that open adoption here in NZ (which is one of your places to visit!) is fantastic with all the pitfuls that anyone can imagine!
    I would love to hear from your perspective though! We are 14 years almost into the open adoption journey and all 3 of my children have contact with my son’s birth family and call them granny etc. So it has worked well here!
    Hugs Ruth

  17. Birth story – but maybe later. I suspect it was a great home birth which will make me a bit envious, but still would be cool to hear. I am hoping LB’s Dish Mate will be birthed at home.

    Also interested in how you are fitting in (sort of) to the mommy club.

    Breastfeeding . . .

    Gosh, most of them.

  18. Any of the above, whatever is itching to come out in blogland.

  19. I’d love to hear how family and friends have reacted to open adoption. Of course, I’d be happy with anything you wrote on the topics listed 🙂

  20. She is gorgeous.
    And all the topics sound like something I would love to read. So take your time, and pick your order. 🙂

    Good luck with the family visit. I hope it works better than you dare hope for. 🙂

  21. I’m most interested in your thoughts on infertile parenting. I share membership with you in both clubs, and I’m curious about your experience “crossing over”.

    I love your blog and your little darling!

  22. Everything! 🙂

    I think that post-IF adoptive parenting will probably hit closest to home for me but I’m fascinated with all aspects of your journey even though ours will be so different.

  23. my vote is for infertile parenting and how you fit into the evasive club.

    by the way, thanks for your kind comments.

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