40 years and 40 weeks

That’s right. A few momentous occasions this week…

K finally reached her 40th week of pregnancy! 39w1d today, and her actual due date is Sunday. To say she is beyond ready would be an understatement.

We are also as ready as we’re ever going to be. Our bags are packed and we are on standby. Whenever we see K, we talk to Baby, telling Baby how excited we are to meet him/her. K’s joke is that there is much more room on the outside, so come on out!

We think (and hope for K’s sake) it could be soon. Really hoping K doesn’t go late. It’s not just that we want to meet this baby, it’s that K is done being pregnant, and we want the best chance for a healthy home birth that she can possibly have. Bigger later babies could complicate things…

And so we wait…

And yes, I sort of celebrated a big scary day last week. I had not been looking forward to it at all. But M has a way of making it all worthwhile.

Last year, when I was in a very tough place after our last treatment failed and before we committed to adoption, I did not want to celebrate at all. I was depressed, longing and anxious. But M took me on a fabulous weekend away to Big Sur and we had a fantastic time.

This year, for my big four-oh, we had planned a trip we’ve been wanting to take for years — to the San Juan Islands off the coast of Seattle. But as things progressed with K, we knew we couldn’t be so far from home and out of reach when she would be 38+ weeks pregnant. So we canceled our trip and decided to plan something local.

After I vented about not being able to go away and not even wanting to celebrate, in a wonderfully strange coincidence, Mel suggested that we take a trip to a small town about an hour away. She had never been there but had read about it in a magazine. She emailed me the name, and I laughed. Of all the places, it was K’s home town. Freaky!

Once I came to terms with staying close to home — and began to revel in the anticipation of becoming a mother — we took a few days off work and played hookey. We spent a fun day in San Francisco, exploring and eating incredible food at little spots I’ve been wanting to try for a long time.

We had a wonderful lunch with dessert (molten lava cake with fresh homemade strawberry ice cream — wish there was an internet sound for this one!)…


We checked out one of my favorite museums…


And of course we squeezed in a lovely dinner, this one at an excellent Morrocan restaurant, with another amazing dessert…


The next day we woke up and drove north to wine country, where my amazing M treated me to another tasty lunch (including a goat cheese sampler — yum!), an awesome relaxing spa day (first the steam room, then an herbal body scrub and hot mud wrap from heaven, followed by mineral pools), and a perfect candlelight dinner under the stars (with yet more dessert — fresh ginger cookies with lemon verbena ice cream sandwich, and chocolate pot de creme with strawberries — yes, it’s strawberry season here!), and a nightcap at a cozy bar (I drank a late harvest red, for the curious).

We stayed at a romantic inn for the night, soaked in a hot tub, and ate breakfast at a local bakery. It was lovely. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera that day, so you will just have to use your imagination.

I told you he was wonderful, didn’t I? For this, I am so grateful. He is the greatest gift ever.

Then, since we were already off, we met with K to spend some time before heading home and back to work…

So turning 40 wasn’t all bad, even though I can’t believe I am so fucking old.

And now, I just hope we can stave off the Memorial Day curse a little while longer…

Meanwhile, it has been two years since we lost our best friend, and we still miss her terribly. Thinking of you, sweet girl.

~ by luna on May 25, 2009.

34 Responses to “40 years and 40 weeks”

  1. So close! I am beyond excited for you and checking every day to hear your incredible news. I’m so glad you had such an incredible birthday. Could he give my husband lessons?

  2. Cliffhanger Luna…
    Happy Birthday and may this be the beginning of a great year!

  3. Happy birthday. It’s sounds like you two created quite the celebration. And I still want to send you the article for the scrapbook. I am safe keeping it until you’re ready. I hope soon–and I hope K goes soon too so she can have the birth her heart needs.

  4. Love and life and life and love to come. I can’t wait. Happy birthday, my friend.

  5. Happy Birthday and best wishes for the home stretch! Our daughter came earlier than expected; I was just about to start grilling and drink a nice glass of wine when the call came – sudden change of plans!

  6. Yikes, it’s almost time!! And happy birthday to you!! I hope you get that present REALLY soon!

    About 15 years ago, dh, my mom & I took the ferry from Sidney, B.C., to Anacortes (& from there to visit my great-aunt in Seattle), with stops along the way at a few of the San Juan Islands. It was only a few hours, but it was one of my favourite parts of the entire trip, & the islands looked wonderful. I would love to go back there someday. Perhaps you can go when baby is a little older & make a family holiday of it!

  7. A chocolate molten cake can make any day better – even your 40th…

    Happy birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday! It all sounds divine. I hope that this year is full of love and happiness.

  9. Glad you had a good birthday and that stuff all looks very yummy! I love strawberry season.

  10. What a festival – and this could well be a memorial day with a difference!

  11. happy birthday!! 🙂

  12. Happy birthday!!!
    I’m glad you had such a wonderful birthday and got to enjoy being a couple and spend some time with K. I hope things progress well and that she has a good birthing experience at home.

    I also wanted to comment on your last post. As an adoptive mom of almost 8 months now, I can tell you that the pain fades pretty darn fast. There will be those moments, but I look at my son each day, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know you’ve heard it all before, but you’re about to find out it’s true!

    I’m so excited for you.

  13. Molten lava cake? Goat cheese in all its variety and glory? A steam room?

    I’m so jealous! It sounds absolutely wonderful and a great way to savor your time together before the next chapter starts.

  14. Happy Birthday!!!! So glad you’re enjoying such a momentous time in your life. On pins and needles for you…

  15. You’re making me long for the food and wine we left behind in the Bay Area. Yummmmmmmy. I don’t miss all that much about CA, but the food and the wine I miss daily :o(

    Thanks for updating us – I honestly thought the baby had arrived!

    Praying for a safe delivery, birth, and transfer.

  16. The last few days are so psychologically hard. Glad you had a nice weekend. Hope you enjoyed sleeping in and actually sitting while you eat!

  17. Happy Birthday! I just turned 40 this year and definitely share your feelings about the “big, scary day.” It sounds like you guys had an amazing time and those desserts!!

    I’m sorry Memorial Day holds so many bad memories for you. I hope this year and the years to come are all uneventful.

  18. Happy Birthday! Wishing you the very BEST!

  19. So much to celebrate! Wishing you all the very best on this birthday and in the coming year!

  20. Happy Birthday and by the way, if you can’t believe how fucking old you are, then what does that say about me? That means I’m older than dirt. And I can’t believe it either. Honestly, there’s only one reason why I hate being this age (as I’ve always looked forward to my birthday), but I’m thinking you totally understand why.

    I practically swooned when I read about your little holiday – the wine, the spa, the food! Good lord, lemon verbena ice cream?! You are so cruel to tease me like that. Oh and molten lava cake? OMG.

    I read your tribute to your beloved pet. She was absolutely gorgeous! I know, I know, Sampson was like that for us. He was our heart and to lose so much AND him was brutal. Juno is a whole new experience for us and I hope she can grow up with a child.

    Happy Birthday, you old broad, save your strength for your baby!

  21. A very happy birthday to you, Luna. Sounds like you managed to celebrate in grand style despite the change in your original plans. I, like so many others, am waiting with joyful anticipation for the next chapter that will begin very soon, even if every day feels like a year right now.

  22. Happy extremely belated birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely getaway; the goat cheese sampler had me drooling. Yum! I’m thinking of you and K. as the time draws nearer. It’s going to be wonderful. Let yourself dream!

  23. I’ve been neglecting my reader, and many other things besides. But I’ve thought of you many a time… I knew it was nearly time for K, and I’ve been thinking and hoping for you. I am so happy to find this lovely post now that the end of the semester has released me to “visit” friends. Happy birthday. May this year be the best one ever. Until next year, that is.

    A safe and easy birth to K, and a glorious meeting to the new family. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  24. Happy birthday, Luna! You’re making me drool with those pictures…

  25. I am still following your journey and am so happy for you!! We must be driving past each other on the freeway or something. I live in the north bay and had a home birth 5 months ago. One week early is great. I hope your baby comes soon.

  26. Just checking in. You know how when someone is about to have a baby and they don’t post for several days you start to think that the baby has come and the blogger is too busy to post. I hope this is you.

  27. congratulations and many many more. i tell you one year ago today things were so different. how wonderful it is now!

  28. I’m glad your birthday was nice. And I’m excited that K is getting so close!

  29. Luna,
    I’m hoping the reason for your absence is the birth of the baby! Waiting for an update…will keep checking this space.

  30. Happy Happy Birthday! What an EXCITING TIME!!! Looking forward to an update….=)

  31. Hi Luna! De-lurking to say that I hope the reason for your lack of updates is that you are taking care of a baby!!!! I hope things are going well for you and your husband and your little one and K.

  32. I keep coming back… waiting for news of baby. Hope all is well!!

  33. […] sent so many cards. That weekend, we all decorated the nursery together in a labor of love. Then I turned 40 just before K hit 40 weeks, so we planned a fun weekend close to home, just in […]

  34. […] This time last year, I was anticipating the birth of Baby J more than turning 40. M made it a beautiful day, actually a few days. But I was definitely freaked out by such a big number, and it was much easier to focus elsewhere. […]

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