telling other kids about adoption

Last time I sought  recommendations on your favorite children’s books, I got some fantastic responses. (When I wrote about books on open adoption, some of you shared your favorites then too.)

Given how important stories are to all of us, and especially children, I’ve been looking for some good books to share about growing our family through adoption.

It seems most of the children’s books are geared towards telling our child his/her adoption story. “A Mother for Choco” by Keiko Kasza, for example, is a classic. Others love this sweet one by Jamie Lee Curtis. Another book a friend recommended was “We Belong Together” by Todd Parr, whose other books I genuinely adore.

We’d like to prepare the kids in our family and in our circle of friends for the arrival of our little one. We are  looking for a book to share with our young nieces and nephews, our child’s cousins, and other kids ranging in age from 1 to 12. After all, they know there is no baby growing in my belly. They actually have not yet met K, though some of them may meet her soon. We thought it might be a good idea to first prepare them with a story…

My sense is there are no good books out there geared towards other children who were not adopted or siblings of a child who was adopted.

Can anyone suggest a book to share with other kids about welcoming a child into our family through adoption?

Any words of wisdom about how you prepared your nieces and nephews about the new addition to your family?

Many thanks in advance.


~ by luna on May 3, 2009.

7 Responses to “telling other kids about adoption”

  1. Two books that are a little dry, but do a good job of explaining what happens in a domestic adoption are “Pugnose Has Two Special Families” (Kruzel) and “How I Was Adopted” (Cole). Pugnose gets bonus points for being about an open adoption.

  2. Maybe it’s time to add “author” as another string to your bow.
    You’re sounding really positive.

    love ya

  3. B has a wonderful idea.

    My nephews were 4 and 5 when Tessa was born. We just explained it to them: another woman was having a baby but she wasn’t ready to parent, and we were ready to parent but were unable to create a baby. So we got together to help each other out. And soon you’ll have a baby cousin.

    I would love to see a book like you describe!

  4. Mr. (Fred) Rogers has an excellent, if slightly dated, book on adoption called “Let’s Talk About Adoption.” Most local libraries seem to carry it.

  5. I have given everyone the book We belong Together by Todd Parr and Over the Moon by Karen Katz

  6. Maybe you should write the book you want.

  7. Having read your blog from the beginning, I was surprised to hear that you were searching for books to help explain adoption to children in your family. The story you’ve written about your life has evoked a huge range of emotion in me and constantly reminds me the all things are possible.

    I am an adopted child of the early 70s when this process was engulfed in secrecy and shame. Ten years ago, I reunited very happily with my bio parents, and three years ago, we were seriously pursuing domestic adoption. I have logged hundreds of hours thinking and talking about adoption. From my perspective, I have absolutely NO DOUBT that you already have the right words. And what a privilege for your child to grow up with this record of your open and generous heart and to know that they found their way to the right mother.

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