show and tell: new ride

Let’s just say that show and tell is so much easier than writing about the craziness that is my life at the moment. So here we go…

We’ve needed a new car for a long time. We no longer live somewhere we can get away with having no car or just one between us. We shared one for a long time and did just fine.

I got my old Subaru 14 years ago, right after we got engaged. It was an awesome little car — sturdy, reliable, fun, safe, sporty. It took us on many great road trips, back in the day when we would just load her up with goodies and good tunes, grab the pup and head north for a weekend or longer whenever possible.  We have some outstanding memories from those trips. Good times. 

But lately my car has been feeling the heat, acting her age, starting to leak, giving me problems. She’s an old beater now, though she still may have a long life left for some patient soul who doesn’t mind investing the time, energy and money. And someone who doesn’t mind the faint smell of mold…

Not only could I not handle another winter with her, but we need something without all the trouble. While it’s been fantastic not having a car payment — even M’s car is paid off — it was definitely way past time for a new car. 

There were all kinds of cars we wanted to look at but couldn’t afford. Most of our funds are tied up in the adoption. We’re trying to consolidate our monthly expenses, not add to them. Whatever we chose, it would have to be affordable. That eliminated a lot of options. We wanted fuel economy too, as California gas prices are so high, and we wanted a car with low emissions. Goodbye minivans and SUVs. 

We looked at new and slightly used cars. We had to buy from a dealer so we could get financing, since we couldn’t pay for it outright. In the midst of the American car crisis in the news, we noticed a zillion commercials for low financing and incentives. We figured we could get a deal. 

Of course this investment is tied to family building, right? I mean who buys a two-door car when they’re expecting a child? We had to review the latest safety ratings for rear impacts. We had to ask is this car going to be big enough for our growing family? And it occurred to me — though of course it wasn’t the first time (or the last) — that in all likelihood we aren’t going to be able to have a second child. We don’t even have the first yet. We’ll be lucky to have a kid and a dog to fill this car. Right now we’ve got neither…


So we shopped around. Once we accepted that we couldn’t afford what we might have otherwise wanted, and that our family would probably not be growing all that much in the future, we focused our search for something safe, reliable and efficient. This led us to Hondas. (American cars mostly suck anyway. Whose fault is that?) We were right. With huge incentives and super low financing, we got an awesome deal on a brand new Honda Civic Hybrid. 

And now, introducing the newest addition to our family: 



You might not be able to see it here, but it is a gorgeous midnight blue. She rides beautifully. And I got 50 mpg the other day! For reals. 

Epilogue for a Subaru: I put her on sale below ‘blue book’ value and found a local buyer who was willing to take her off my hands. She was worth way more to me as a functional ride (I already miss the hatchback). But at least we got a few car payments out of her. So long, my friend. Live long and journey well… 

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~ by luna on April 4, 2009.

23 Responses to “show and tell: new ride”

  1. Great car! Hope you get to fill it up soon.

  2. Happy trails! Hope you get your very own Baby Smiling In Back Seat very soon (though the smiling part may take a few extra months).

  3. Oooh! Nice. Great on the hybrid. My first car was a honda and my last 3 cars have been scooby’s (subaru). I want another subaru but it will have to wait. My problem now is I’m sick of a stick shift.

  4. I got a honda cr-v 2 years ago. I love it. I used to be a VW lover but am glad I made the switch.

  5. Sweet! We got a hybrid (toyota highlander) two years ago, and positively love it. It takes a bit to get used to the engine cutting out at red lights and realizing you’re not stalling. heh.

    Hope the crazy lets up.

  6. Did you buy new or used? My husband has been thinking about a Honda hybrid. Let us know how you like it.

  7. Ooooooo…That’s a GREAT show & tell! Congrats on the new purchase!

  8. WOW, 50 MPG, that’s pretty great1 Here’s to many years with our new car. I hope she treats you as well if not better, then your old one.

  9. Congratulations! What a great new car!

  10. Sounds like you got a good one! Enjoy!

  11. I’m drooling over your 50mpg. I so wish I lived somewhere without long, snowy winters, so I didn’t need the 4WD!

  12. Well done…a new car – brand new – is always a great feeling.

  13. beautiful! my dh just got a new civic (not the hybrid kind – so jealous on that part!) and the car is just great!

  14. Sweet!

  15. Love the car!

    Have beautiful rides in it! 🙂

  16. OOOOO, I’m so jealous, Luna! But then, the ride matches the driver. I love the way hybrids sound (i.e. very, very quiet).

    We’re stuck with a two-door for now… I think I’m going to have to invest in special yogic training.

  17. Very nice car! I drove a Civic for many many many years. Love them!

  18. She’s sweet. I looked it up on the website to see all the angles. I’d love a new car but like you our funds are set aside for another purpose and of course, what type of car depends on what happens in the future. Goodbye old car, she served you well.

  19. Congrats! I LOVE the peace sign in the reflection!

  20. I love my Toyota Prius. You know, if you get a second child, you can worry about a bigger car then. Heck, you might be able to squeeze a second kid in there.

    I drove my old Subaru into the ground. It had nearly 300,000 miles on it and I drove it for 16 years. When my backyard mechanic said he couldn’t keep it running any longer I gave it to cars for charity.

    So, you are in CA . . . any jobs where you are at? I need to move South!

  21. we are in the same sort of situation and I think in your area. do you mind sharing (email) where you purchased? I am dying for a hybrid!

  22. Congrats on the new car! She’s a beaut. I was wondering what you’d end up getting. Welcome to the hybrid club!

  23. Love the hybrid!!! Congrats!!

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