limerick chick



Oh how I love to read Lori

You know she can tell a great story

Never know what’s in store

She always leaves you wanting more

Best light is usually forever right and never boring!



The best haiku promised a prize

To capture with words laughs or cries

There was no need to rhyme

They say it’s coming in time

If I ever see it, I’ll be very surprised.


It’s not too late to enter the 3rd Annual Limerick Chick Contest 2009!  You don’t have to be a blogger or a chick to enter. Deadline is tomorrow night!


~ by luna on March 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “limerick chick”

  1. Only USUALLY right!? I’m indignant.

    I really enjoyed looking back at your haiku. Or is it haikus?

  2. Oh, life is so good with friends like you.

    Nope. I have no ego issues at all.

  3. You never got your prize for winning that contest? Man, does that bite! As usual, me loves your limericks, Luna!

  4. Great job on hte limericks and you wrote a beautiful haiku.

  5. There once was a blogger named Luna
    Who sang her own sweet, wistful tune-a
    And even when blue
    She’d still come through
    With posts smooth as a rat-packer’s croonah

    Okay, that’s very silly, but it’s near impossible to rhyme Luna… Altoona? Brigadoon, uh? 🙂

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