green-hazel with specks



Because Niobe asked. 


~ by luna on February 21, 2009.

16 Responses to “green-hazel with specks”

  1. nevermind the bags. please.

  2. DANG, those are beautiful.

  3. Wow. Very dramatic and unusual.

  4. Wow– them’s pretty eyes you got there.
    Sort of similar to Monkey’s eyes, but hers are more stringy, like rays radiating from the iris.

  5. Pretty!

  6. lovely!
    I have never seen another person with that colour eyes before!

  7. Quite stunning! As beautiful as the rest of you. Thank you for the comments you have left recently – it means a great deal to me.



  8. wow

  9. Like everyone else said – such dramatic and striking eyes.

  10. I’m missing those eyes right about now…..

  11. Wow! You have beautiful eyes!

  12. Of course you have amazing, beautiful eyes! I never thought about it before, but I’m not at all surprised. Stunning, just like the rest of you that I know.

  13. Green/Hazel eyes are the best…and I should know:>)

  14. Visiting from Niobe’s post.

    I love your eye color. I posted mine here:

  15. […] a sign at last eye February 24, 2009 I got the idea to take a photo of my eye from Luna, but then I didn’t really like my eye photos and didn’t think they represented my […]

  16. Coming from Niobe’s psot. You have gorgeous eyes!

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