at last!

Share the first dance with the first couple! 

If you haven’t seen it already, you should. At last, indeed.

~ by luna on January 20, 2009.

8 Responses to “at last!”

  1. They just genuinely seem to enjoy each other. I love seeing that in such a high-profile couple.

  2. Between watching the lunch coverage and then this I got some creepy feeling for part of the day that I was crashing someone’s wedding.

  3. This was our wedding song. Beyonce is no Etta James, but that was a great moment.

  4. Great moment, totally agree.

  5. Fabulous. Lovely.

  6. Loved the dress. They are a handsome couple. I only saw a bit from one ball, where he put both arms around her waist & swayed to the music like they were at a high school dance. Awww!! ; )

  7. Pretty much everything I see about the inauguration makes me cry. (In a good way!)

  8. They are just so beautiful. I cried almost the entire day:) It’s just so refreshing to see a couple who seem to genuinely love each other. Just one more thing refreshing about this new First Family! 🙂

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