escape with a scrape

I am one lucky fuck. Not in the sense that “life is grand and everything I ever wanted came so easily” or “hit the jackpot” lucky, but that “I could have been run off the road and left for dead in a ditch” sense lucky. That’s right, M and I are glad to be alive today.

Sunday night, we were driving home and reflecting on our wonderful day (which will be the subject of some other post). We took the back roads to avoid the freeway and enjoy the fresh air and starry night. A full moon lit the clear sky and road ahead. It was a beautiful night, falling after an unseasonably warm 70 degree day. 

We were discussing the incredible course of events that had led us to that moment. We were feeling rather grateful. After a lovely lunch with K and her mom (some other time, really), we had spent the rest of the day with family for my cousin-niece’s second birthday. I was quietly pondering what a difference a little hope makes in the course of a year.  

Suddenly, some asshole appears out of nowhere and begins tailgating us, on this lovely two-land road through the rolling hills. Another car was a safe distance ahead of us. M gently tapped his brakes — the universal signal for back the fuck off, which he did. But a few minutes later, he zooms up behind us. We were coming around a curve with a double yellow line. And he goes to PASS us! On a curve. With a double yellow line. 

By this point, the car in front of us was just about one car length ahead. Everyone was driving a reasonable speed for perfect conditions. The attempt to pass would have been idiotic. I assume he was trying to pass BOTH cars.

Sure enough, we saw an oncoming car in the other lane. There was nowhere to go. The asshole fuckwad was now threatening to either (a) hit the oncoming car head on, or (b) run him off the road, or (c) run us off the road so he could get back into the lane.  See Figure 1 below.  

Figure 1 figure-1

It all happened in a split second, really. Amazing how you can be thinking about one thing one minute, and the next minute you could be dead. We were very close to being run off into a ditch on a solitary country road. If M had jammed on the brakes, he could have easily lost control of the car. Thanks to M’s excellent maneuvering to the shoulder, we escaped with just a tiny scrape above the driver’s side wheel when the asshole finally passed without a full sideswipe, cramming his way between us and the guy in front.  See Figure 2 below.  See? Lucky. 

Figure 2car-scuff

For anyone interested, we wrote down the fuckwad’s license plate and called it in to highway patrol when we got home. They logged it as a “hit-and-run” but told M to fill out a full report if we wanted to do anything about it. Because there was relatively so little (visible) damage, so far we have opted against it (although now that I see it, I’m getting angry again). Someone suggested it might be cathartic, but again, I refer you to Figure 1 above. That was cathartic.


~ by luna on January 14, 2009.

34 Responses to “escape with a scrape”

  1. Wow! So glad y’all are okay. That guy sounds like a selfish idiot. The drawing was cathartic, I’m sure. But I’d still call. Maybe that’s because I’m vindictive like that. 🙂

  2. I *hate* asshole fuckward drivers! Freaking moron needs to go to jail.

    Will your insurance require that you file a full report? You’ve already done most of the work, which is the fabulous drawing which can be used an exhibit. :o)

  3. Holy cow. I’d call, just to see if someone could get this guy driver ed, before he kills himself of someone else.

    I’m so glad you are ok.

  4. Holy. Shit.

    Had a similar situation once getting cut off at a freeway entrance and almost side swiped by a semi with nowhere to go. I think I sort of willed my way through that one, but obviously that doesn’t always work so well.

    Does your state have an aggressive driving law? You could call it in for more than just hit/run.

  5. I’m thinking a little vindictiveness could go a long way towards making sure the fuckwad doesn’t kill anybody and gets a fucking clue w/r/t how to drive.

    So glad you are ok, you lucky fuck!

  6. Crap! So glad you are both ok. I have to admit that I’m just stubborn enough that I would have pursued the hit and run if only to hopefully make the driver think before ever doing something like that again.

  7. Glad you’re okay.

  8. I think I would fill out a report.

    Thank goodness you’re okay!!!

  9. Glad you are OK. Dh & I almost got T-boned just trying to get out of the commuter train parking lot last week. (We had the right of way.) What is with drivers these days?? Why is everyone always in such a rush??

  10. Where the heck was he rushing off to that he felt fit to put 3 other cars’ drivers and passengers’ lives at risk? I agree with Tash… find out about your state’s traffic laws to see if you can have him charged with aggressive driving.

  11. How friggin’ frightening!!! We had a big accident (jaws of life, anyone?) more than 4 years ago and I still get ansy when we drive together in the rain.

    Is it okay for me to WUV your drawing?!

  12. Wow! I am glad you guys are all right. That drawing is awesome! I remember having to draw something up for a police report once – just little black and white rectangles in a square little box. I am sure it was cathartic, to draw that out. I would file the report, if it means the police might find and ticket him. That kind of reckless driving needs to be punished and stopped.

    Can’t wait to hear about the good part of your day!

  13. I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but the juxtaposition of your “starry night” and all the “-wads” makes me snicker under my breath.

    I am so glad M was able to maintain composure and react to the f-wad in the moment.

    And I’m glad the task of drawing was a bit cathartic. Whew!

  14. Well, thank god you’re OK is all I can say.

  15. Horrible situation, but superb illustration. I do hope you turned the dirtbag in. Seriously, glad you guys are ok, that could have been a disaster.

  16. Holy craptacular! I’m so glad you both are alright!

  17. What a jerk! I think you should log the full report. I don’t think it would take that long? He could have killed someone! I’m glad you are ok!

  18. Fill out the report. Make him (or her) pay. It could have been a disaster. So glad you guys are ok. Everything can change in an instant.

  19. Okay, can I just say I love your diagram. Loooove it. Your’e fabulous. Happy to know you’re still alive to continue being fabulous. M, too. Really. XO.

  20. Oh crap! I am so glad you are okay.

    Make sure you give the drawing to the police. You can point out which heart is you and which is your husband.

    If I were a cop, I’d nail the guy to the wall after seeing the drawing.

    Perhaps that is why I’m not a cop.

  21. Okay, just have to say you have a seriously wonderful husband. He didn’t panic, he held the line. Cause if that had been mine, he would have followed the meth addict (had to be) and someone would have died that night. Really. I am so glad you are alive to tell the tale.

  22. I am so glad you are both safe! That person was a lunatic! I would pursue charges on them or something, if not for yourselves, for his next victims. Geesh. So very glad you’re safe.

  23. Fucker. Glad you’re safe and. That M has good reflexes.

  24. whew…
    my GOD. what an asshole!
    thank goodness you are both ok and for M’s driving.
    this guy was a total duffus!, just no regard at ALL for others.

  25. oh and I loved your photo and how you detailed the stars and moon…you are hysterical!

  26. whoa. the drawing brings into scary view just how close the whole thing was to a catastrophic accident! so so SO glad that you and M weren’t harmed…!

  27. That sounds terrifying! So glad you are okay and the car got out with just a scrape. Why are people like that? It drives me nuts. I’m just so glad that the both of you are fine — physically speaking that is.

  28. First of all, I’m really glad you guys are ok!! Second, I am VERY impressed by the diagram. You make me laugh!!! Seriously, though–really glad you’re ok.

  29. Holy shit! So glad you’re with us today!!

    (One of the Very Bad Men from my past drove much like that. He told me that it was the *other* people on the road who were the bad drivers for not getting out of *his* way … a real psychopath, that one.)

  30. First off, that drawing is effing awesome! Second, I’m a bit annoyed (read: jealous) that you were enjoying 70 degree weather on Sunday. Most importantly, I’m glad you’re okay. Now I can marvel at your safety as well as those of the 100+ people (including an infant) that landed safely in the Hudson River just a few miles from my house this afternoon. Miracles abound!!

  31. Holy cow, I am SO GLAD that you guys are okay! It’s a really good thing M had such a clear head and knew how to steer the car. What a scare.

    Please, file a report and pursue this to full extent that you can. If nothing else, the driver of that car needs to feel the consequences of his actions before he does that to someone who doesn’t drive as well as M. does. He’s going to kill someone’s elderly grandmother or teenager.

    And yeah, I’m with the others. That drawing is the bomb.

  32. What a terrifying experience! I was so glad to scroll down to the end of the post and to learn that you and M were OK.

  33. What a gigantic asshole! I’m glad everyone is ok and will trust karma to handle the asshole!

  34. […] without the trouble. While it’s been fantastic not having a car payment — even M’s car is paid off — it was definitely way past time for a new […]

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