my life in 100 words, how about yours?

They waited for me, a sweet baby girl.  So much pink that I became a tomboy.  Discovered too much at an early age.  Experimented.  Soon, a broken home.  Death.  Innocence lost.  Tried to find my path.  Met the love of my life but didn’t yet know it.  Reconnected with my soul mate.  Finally realize what I am supposed to do.  Bloom and thrive, nourished by great love.  We are ready.  We try.  We wait.  My body’s betrayal cuts deep.  A miracle, then devastation.  Our son is gone.  Now, our child tries to find his/her way to us.  Still, we wait. 

Take the challenge!  Describe your entire life in a single paragraph of 100 words — no more, no less.  It must be exactly 100 words.  Inspired by teendoc.  

~ by luna on January 12, 2009.

11 Responses to “my life in 100 words, how about yours?”

  1. So very much contained in such a powerfully cogent paragraph. I left 100 words in Teendoc’s comments section.

    with you hopefully as you continue to wait….

  2. Wow, you’re good at this. Someday I may ask for elaboration on some of those short words and clips — maybe in 100 words or less?

  3. That’s a whole lot in just 100 words. Amazing what we all go through in a lifetime.

  4. Great stuff, Luna! As I told Deathstar, I was always the kid who, when the teacher asked for a paragraph, would turn in a six-page story. 😉 My oss/editor will tell you I still struggle mightily to adhere to word counts. I did produce 100 words on 9-11 for the Bridges site, and that was interesting. Of course I had the full version on my own blog. 😉

  5. cool. I’ll give it a shot. Yours is beautiful.
    Notwithstanding the loss and the tragedy, your life sounds so rich. I almost want to say that to have found both your soul mate and what you’re “supposed to do” makes you sound lucky, but I know better than to ever use that word. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, Luna.

  6. So beautiful, Luna. I did my own and totally enjoyed it – both harder and easier than I thought.

    Wishing you patience and peace as you continue to wait.

  7. […] perfect way to celebrate my finding my voice over the last 100 posts?Thanks for the inspiration, Luna and […]

  8. Beautifully summed up.

  9. Wow, what a great idea and so beautifully written! You are such a word smith…I am always impressed!

  10. Okay, LoriBeth, come on and give it a try! Dare ya!

  11. I like it. It is very beautiful, and so poetically summed up.

    Rather than post mine on my blog, I’ll share it here with you. Exactly 100 words. Some are used twice, lol.

    At first I was unwanted, born last, then middle, wrapped in pretty dresses trying to fit some one else’s dreams. Then I struggled, confused, empty, struck with loneliness. Abandoned repeatedly by those that should love me. Grown up before my time, I found a love I didn’t believe could exist. I sought fulfillment, the whole nine yards. Unexpected brick walls, then a brief reprieve of broken sunlight before the sky began to fall again. Lost, loss, longing, agony. Trying, trying, again and again. Spent money, spent time, spent desire. Never giving up, strength in morning, strength in love and hope.

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