bringing it on (edited)


It has been so hard to write these days, for some reason. After I had some good time off over the holidays, we went away for New Year’s and it has taken me a few days to recover from the much-needed break, a nasty cold, traveling through a snowstorm, late nights and acting like I am younger than my years. The return to work has been brutal. I’ve been trying to keep up on my blog reading, but barely had a chance to dive into La Creme (Mel, you are a goddess)! 


One of the highlights of our quick trip to Vancouver was meeting the outrageously gorgeous Deathstar! Seriously, this woman packs power and beauty in places I didn’t even know you could. And wise she is. The force is strong in this one. The three of us (yes, M can hang with the chicas, as some of you already know!) had a lovely afternoon sipping tea and coffee loaded with spirits and wonderful conversation and laughter in the cozy lounge of our hotel. Before we knew it, over three hours had passed! We talked about life, the power of blogging, the practice of Buddhism, the outrageous U.S. health care system, the love of a good dog, and maintaining humanity amidst our struggles to become parents. I feel so fortunate to have connected with this powerful and inspiring woman. Thank you, Deathstar! 


Another highlight was simply enjoying M’s company outside of the stress of our every day lives — trying not to think about work or bills, infertility or adoption. Our family issues were never too far behind, yet we managed to relax, and we ate and drank quite well. We gorged on delectable sushi, tapas, and dim sum, drank outrageous cocktails and top shelf sake. We stayed up late and drank creamy lattes, sat by the fire, sipped wine and ate cheese. (Do you realize I haven’t had a real coffee in well over a year?!) We explored a beautiful city and forgot about our cares for awhile. We slept in and just reveled in each other. I took hot baths and we enjoyed the gentle snowfall (I know you’re all sick of it, but we don’t really get snow here so it was nice for us, until we had to fly home in it)…

This trip reminded me of something M said to me not long ago, before we had the faint hope of parenthood lingering on the horizon. He said we should be able to look back one day and feel grateful for all this time we’ve had together — our travels, our lifestyle, our freedom as a two-some. All these years we’ve been living for something else, wanting something more, trying so hard, longing so deeply. Even though we’re both beyond ready to set that all aside to become parents, he thought we should be able to remember this precious time with gratitude. That’s why I love him so. 


We saw an incredible concert on NYE and danced until after 1:30am before walking back in the snow. Can anyone name the amazing and energetic artist above (without cheating)?**

Just before midnight, we were asked to think about something we were ready to let go, and something we were open and ready to embrace in the new year. Anyone venture to guess what I was thinking of? A few tears were shed. 

Then on our way home, while waiting in the airport through a snowstorm, we had a cool celebrity sighting. For anyone excited about the upcoming season premiere of “Lost” in two weeks, we ate bad Chinese food right next to “Jin” and his family. Having just watched the entire series in a marathon to divert us from our adoption busy-work (82 episodes in 2 months, over 57 hours in mostly 90-minute increments, 2 shows at a time), it felt like a premiere for the new season. At least we weren’t flying Oceanic together!

Anyway, back to reality. As we enter into this new year, there is so much on my mind, lots to sort through. I’m sure I’ll be back soon. 

Oh and by the way, thanks for participating in the best font test. Turns out there is not one best font for all formats in this design. But at least I know now which ones do or don’t work well for most people. I’ll do my best to make it readable. Thanks to everyone for straining your eyes for me!

**ETA: Yes, my friends, that is the one and only glorious Michael Franti with Spearhead. Check out some video here!


~ by luna on January 6, 2009.

18 Responses to “bringing it on (edited)”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful break!

    I hope that 2009 brings you both much joy and happiness.

  2. What a lovely way to spend the last days of 2008 and ring in the new year. I hope the year will bring you both everything you desire and more. I know it will. Or I’ll kick its butt. Hear that, 2009?

  3. Sounds like a most lovely trip. I need me one of those.

  4. Looks like Michael Franti to me. Sounds like a fun way to spend NYE.

    Your Vancouver trip sounds like it was fabulous and has me pining for the coast even more than before. It is such a great city to just hang out in.

    Luna, I absolutely love this post – the idea that we need to enjoy our lives while we are waiting for them to change has been on my mind a lot lately. I think of Vee and Max, and you, and so many others who are finding a way to be themselves on this journey, to live fully and lovingly in the present even though there is uncertainty. Thanks for putting words to this so well (and thanks to M as well!)

  5. Your husband is wise but what he suggests is very difficult. It’s so hard to be grateful when you don’t know the outcome (a little like trying to enjoy your “vacation” time when you’re out of a job and not sure when you’ll find one again). Still, it’s a good thing to strive for and something that Will and I try to remember too.

    I like the idea of letting go of the past year and opening yourself to the possibilities of the next. May 2009 bring all that you are hoping for : )

    And awesome that you got to eat next to Jin and his family! Super cool!!!! I’m a huge Lost fan.

  6. Sounds like our west coast Canucks did us proud in showing you some fun and hospitality. So happy you enjoyed some time away, Luna. Happy New Year. XO.
    PS Who is that singer anyway????

  7. Sounds divine, the whole New Years trip. Especially envious of meeting Deathstar.

    So, is it Michael Franti?

  8. What a glorious time.

  9. What a way to bring in the New Year! Cheers!

  10. Ah, so jealous you got to meet Deathstar! I have a better idea of what she’s like through your description. So glad you and M had the chance to kick back and just “be…”

    Loved your food photos. I did that one of my trips this year and they’re some of my favorite shots!

    Feel better soon!

  11. Jin? Really? How f*g cool:-)

    And this font choice/color was easy for me?!

  12. I have no idea about the guy – he reminds me of Ben Harper though.

    Can I hire you as my publicist? Cause you make me sound like a mix of Princess Leia and Beyonce.

    I now have a girl crush on you.

  13. What a wonderful get-away!
    How nice to meet a fellow blogger.
    If you are ever in NYC or NJ…HOLLA AT YOUR GIRL!

  14. Your comment about enjoying the time you have together really resonated with me.

    I tend to read in Google Reader by the way, I wonder if you have thought about changing your background in WordPress as it is going to be really hard to find a font that’s readable on both a black background and a white background.

  15. I’m jealous that you got to meet Deathstar. 😉 But glad you had such a great getaway.

    Are you going to reveal the name of the mysterious singer? I have no idea who Michael Franti is. At first glance, I thought it was Bruce Springsteen, but I don’t think he’s touring right now.

  16. Adoption require so much strength, faith courage and expectation management. All you can do is breath. Just keep breathing. Sounds to me like you have such an amazing attitude (hard.fought might I add).

  17. […] began with a bang. We rang it in in style while on vacation in beautiful Vancouver, treating ourselves to sushi, dim sum, sake, cocktails, coffee, chocolate and cheese (and meeting […]

  18. […] through our blogs, I first met Deathstar nearly two years ago when Mac and I went to Vancouver for New Year’s Eve 2008-2009. That trip was special for a number of reasons. First, it was a wonderfully enjoyable end to an […]

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