hearts ready to take flight (almost)…


Aside from nursing poor M back from his annual Thanksgiving cold, we spent the day preparing the mailing that we hope will find its way into the hands of an expectant mother looking to entrust her baby to a wonderful loving couple. You know, us. 

You may remember I said before we were planning to wait until after the holidays to mail our adoption outreach letter, as we were afraid it would get lost, tossed or buried with the influx of seasonal mail. Much as we didn’t want to wait any longer, it seemed like the sensible thing to do, smart even. But we have since been convinced otherwise by our consultant, who urged us to go ahead as soon as we can due to her belief that holiday mailings are somehow “special.” 

Our initial letters arrived from the printer on Friday, so we spent this afternoon labeling and stamping hundreds of them. I searched for a special stamp, maybe something like this, but then I saw the “All Heart” stamp and I knew that was the one.

According to the USPS, this beautiful illustration depicts “a large, bright red heart that is transporting its owner to an unseen beloved who will be gifted with this heart full of love.”  Filled with intention, this heart is. (Many thanks to the artist and designer for creating such a perfect image!)

Since our web address is plastered all over our materials, our website must be live before we can mail our letters. Now we have to wait for our web designer to give us something we can work with. Come on, woman, get with the program! 

Our hearts are ready and waiting to take flight… 

~ by luna on November 29, 2008.

27 Responses to “hearts ready to take flight (almost)…”

  1. Absolutely perfect.

  2. Praying for you as you wait, and for the baby that is destined to be yours.

  3. I bet it felt good to get that mailing ready.

    Sending a virtual kick in the patoot to the web designer!

  4. What a beautiful stamp!

    Another good reason to send the letters ASAP is in case any mothers happen to need to make a decision in the next month. Office and mail schedules may revolve around the holidays, but babies don’t seem to consult the holiday calendar.

    C’mon Web Designer, put down the turkey and cranberry sandwich and get to work!

    I didn’t see this stamp at the post office today. Only Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Eid. When I bought some Hanukkah stamps, the clerk said that this morning a lady came in asking for 3 books of Hanukkah stamps. Then she spotted the Eid stamps and found them much cuter. He asked if she knew they were for Muslims not Jews. “Whatever!”

  5. It’s beautiful Luna. I am hoping it goes straight to the right arms and heart and finds its purpose and match.

    God bless you in this


  6. Even before I read the post, just from the image, I was smiling for you. I just caught up on your blog from all the way in August. I am sorry for all the new pain that has come your way and for the unsettled feeling of being suspended in time. I so hope your journey from here to parenting is a quick one and filled with mostly joy.

  7. We have lift off!!! I’m thrilled for you. Thinking about taking this next step myself.

  8. What an uplifting image! I like it so much more than holiday stamps.
    I hope something clicks real soon Luna – I really do.

  9. Love the stamp and the idea behind it!

  10. The stamp is a great omen! Wishing you a very short wait (both from the designer & after the mailing!).

  11. This stamp is gorgeous and sure to deliver your loved one to you sooner than later. I am excited for this next step!

  12. That stamp is just so beautiful and perfect! I hope Santa brings someone a special present!

  13. I love those stamps. They couldn’t be any more perfect.

  14. I’m sending along all the positive energy and high hopes I can, to wing their way along with your heart. Here’s to a new year starting a new chapter in your lives!

  15. Oh that stamp is perfect! I hope your webaite is ready to go soon, and that you’ll be starting down a new path in your lives shortly.

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I’ll *try* not to be too nervous about the home study but it’ll be tough! 🙂

  16. Congrats. That is a lot of work and you should be proud of yourself.

  17. Exciting times!

  18. I luv this stamp. It’s perfect.

  19. Oh, Luna, I’m feeling so hopeful for you. I want nothing more for you than to see your waiting heart filled. XO.

  20. Luna, I’m so excited for you. Love the stamp, just perfect. Adjust them wings and fly hon.

  21. That is absolutely, totally the perfect stamp for you and for this.

  22. Luna,
    I love the stamp. I am feeling so much hope for your VERY special holiday mailing. Sending out good vibes that the website is ready to go very very soon.

  23. Just makes my heart smile…so many happy things ahead. Love the stamp!

  24. I realized I never commented on this–I love this stamp. It made me smile before I ever read the post. I have to imagine it will make someone else want to make a connection too.

  25. […] to our website a week ago, I felt a tiny weight lift from my shoulders. I took our two boxes of letters down to the post office and released them into the world. I called M at work and we shared a moment […]

  26. […] about how long it would take. I had no control over the real timeline. Once our home study and outreach were done, I couldn’t rush […]

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