good thing I already have a job…

I really intended to get away from the political posts. I admit I couldn’t help myself on those last two, and this one was just fun. But after that awesome coming out party — which logged more comments than any other post, so cool! — I had planned to resume our regular programming. 

But then I saw this, and I couldn’t help myself again. It’s more amusing than political though. 

Through my work (current and past), I know a lot of lawyers and scientists who work in government, or did at one time. Many of those who left the federal government over the past eight years or so left in frustration. Yet with this new wave of hope sweeping across the nation, I’ve wondered if any of them would consider returning to work in a new administration. 

But if the thought ever crossed my mind for more personal reasons — I’ll admit it has not, since I believe I can be more effective in my current position than by joining a big bureaucracy — I’d have to think again after reading some of the requirements for the extensive application process.

As with any thorough review for an important job, naturally you’d be subject to scrutiny. In government, you’d want to avoid ethical and financial conflicts, or even perceived conflicts. Especially if you were running a campaign based on bringing real change to Washington. 

If you should decide to apply for a position in the Obama administration, among the many things you’d have to reveal include potentially embarrassing things that could come back to bite you (and your employer) in the ass some day. Actually a smart move. (I mean, who needs another “nannygate” or some other such scandal because a candidate for a top job wasn’t properly evaluated, right? I mean come on, M and I were vetted far more thoroughly for our adoption than you know who. But I digress.) 

For example, among the questions you’d have to disclose are whether you’ve ever sent any “electronic communication” (e.g., email, text message, etc.) or “kept a diary” that, if made public some day, “could … be a possible source of embarrassment to you or your family”?  Um, really? Do you mean embarrassing like, I did it with a tranny in a roadside truck stop but don’t tell anyone? Or would that extend to venting about my ignorant self-absorbed assvice-giving uber-fertile friends and relatives? Because I’m not sure. 

You’d be asked to share links to your Facebook page, for instance, as well as any blog posts you’ve written… See where I’m going with this? You’d have to “list all aliases or ‘handles’ you have used to communicate on the Internet.”

Hmm. I am instantly reminded why I blog under a pseudonym…

~ by luna on November 13, 2008.

12 Responses to “good thing I already have a job…”

  1. I saw that.

    Hahaha, I guess I’m out. They’re pile is going to dwindle severely (or, become heavily weighted toward those over the age of 60)if they’re really using this as a way to weed people out. I also think they’re taking a lot of it as a good thing (hell, the prez texts and whatnot and had a facebook page!), but trying to draw a line somewhere.

    Where they think that line is will be . . . interesting.

  2. (Whoops, that should be “Their Pile” (I started out saying “They’re going to hamper themselves . . . ” or somesuch.)

    And now I really must find some coffee.

  3. Hey chica…I saw your post over at the lushary and just wanted to stop in and offer my prayers and support. I’m sorry it seems like the weight of the world (or just the weight of IF) is bearing down on you right now.

  4. I’m not sure we’re even that anonymous under a pseudonym, which worries me from time to time. But my career is safe. I think.

  5. Well, that lets out a whole lot of us.

    Scratching my head trying to figure out how do “do it” with a transmission. 😉

  6. Huh… I guess you’d have to wonder what their definition of “embarrassing” is exactly. And how far into your personal voice is allowed. I can understand why they would want to check these things out, but it does seem like a little much if you consider how they might look at things through jaded/tinted glasses since we all have different opinions on what is appropriate or inappropriate. And we assume we can say anything with out freedom of speech, and it’s just not true. Because everyone has to remember, what you say can come back to you. You will be judged on it someday. And we all know that. But what we don’t know is WHO will be judging us.

    I’m done ranting. I’m not really settled on whether i find this right or wrong. But glad I won’t ever work in politics.

  7. Not. For. Me. :p

  8. It’s why I could never join politics of any sorts – I have many skeletons in my closet. Most of which, should uh… stay there.

  9. Ok, I haven’t even finished reading this post, but I have to say that it looks like trying to work for Obama is surprisingly similar to trying to adopt 🙂

  10. i here you on this, that is why i passsword protect some posts. but i realize that even with that, if you already know me and connect the dots you will figure me out.

  11. I thought about the exact same thing when I saw the stuff.

    Though why should open admission of my wandings, bleedings, injections, and sex life be a problem? 🙂

  12. It is amazing the scrutiny associated with serving in public office these days. It’s a wonder anyone qualifies. My stuff is all out there so any career in public life is clearly not in the cards for me…

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