say it ain’t so, joe

So it’s a complete coincidence that since launching our personal family blog — which is totally distinct with no links to this one — that I have new readers in both towns where our mothers live. That’s just a freaky coincidence, right? I’m going to go with “yes.” Just a fluke. New readers from around the world come and go all the time. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Lalalalala (cover hands over ears here)…

Of course nothing is truly private on the internet, especially since this is not password protected. Still, I derive some comfort and tend to put a lot of faith in the illusion of control. I blog under a pseudonym for good reason (yes, it’s true, my parents didn’t actually name me “luna,” though maybe they should have). While to me that is not the same as blogging anonymously, it does allow a certain freedom. And although I am well aware that anything I say here can and may be used against me some day, I’d actually prefer if certain people never found this space.

Nothing personal, it’s just mine.

~ by luna on October 29, 2008.

9 Responses to “say it ain’t so, joe”

  1. I get very twitchy when familiar cities pop up on my stats, even though I’m pretty sure it’s just a coincidence.

  2. I hear you. Sometimes I tell friends about mine and then feel post-reveal remorse as I’ve just chipped away at some privacy blanket I’ve come to love.
    That is so strange about your readers being from your parents’ towns. Maybe it’s a sign (if you believe in such things, and who really doesn’t?) that you should be sharing some more of your feelings with your families–they are a part of this process too, right? As such, they have to process their own feelings on their adopted grandchild. Maybe sharing with them will help you share in the excitement/fear/anticipationg that they’re feeling too.
    Just the dev’s advocate today. 🙂

  3. just wanted to respond to debbie: that’s the whole point, we DID open up and share with them by creating the NEW blog, just for THEM. but this one is for ME.

  4. Yes, I understand.

  5. I understand too. I generally don’t comment on non-IF blogs, but I unthinkingly left a comment the other night on one — which I know some extended family members read from time to time (though not, I believe, as faithfully as I do, with my Google Reader). My username is similar enough to my real name to be obviously me, and anyone savvy to the ways of blogging could thus look at my profile and from there track me down to my blog. I tried to delete the comment, but my username is still there. ACK!!!

    I don’t think there’s a whole lot there they’d take offense to… but as you said, Luna, this one is for ME.

  6. The internet is a little bit scary.

  7. Sometimes I hate it when I can’t write about any thought that enteres my brain because I would be violating someone else’s privacy and I’ve skirted the edge of that boundary a few times. Not to gossip but just being truthful. Those things can come back and haunt you….

  8. I hear ya loud and clear! I’ve only given my blog URL to 3 people IRL – my MIL, one of DH’s cousins and my sister. I can’t believe I have gave it to MIL (it was a moment of drunken weakness) luckily for me she never checked it and I’ve changed the URL (twice) since 9 or so months ago when I gave it to her. So that just leaves DH’s one cousin and my sis. However, my sis barely ever reads – like maybe one post a month. All that said, just having those two people know about my space is in and of itself a teeny bit limiting on what I can write. For the most part, I don’t want people IRL to know about my blog. I’ve never posted pics of myself or family and I (obviously) use a pseudonym. I also don’t have my page crawled by search engines so I don’t have to worry about Google bringing people to me. However, anyone who knows me AT ALL, and happened to somehow stumble across my page would EASILY be able to identify me from my life circumstances, the voice of my text, the email addy I have listed on Blogger and one pic that shows very obviously what city I live in. So, while I think I’m under the cover of anonymity, I may not be near as much as I think. ::shrugs::

  9. Oh yes. I understand this. I have some I would rather not find my blog and I keep looking at my stat counter and seeing people from Minnesota visiting. I keep telling myself that it couldn’t possibly be mom or sis.

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