do your civic duty

There is so much at stake in this U.S. election. My dear American friends, I know you’re tired of all the ads and the nastiness. I am certainly tired of the politics of division. But this one is almost over. 

Please get out and exercise your right to VOTE. EARLY if you can. In person. And tell a friend. 

I really don’t even care who you vote for. Well I do, but I’d rather you cast your vote, even if it’s for that other guy, than sit this one out.

Now I hold a simple hope that all the votes cast will be counted. I may be volunteering with these amazing people who are working tirelessly in every state to help ensure that our votes count. If you have any kind of legal background and a few hours to spare this week, you can too.   

Call 1.866.OUR.VOTE (1.866.687.8683 from a cell) if you experience any problem casting your vote.  

~ by luna on October 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “do your civic duty”

  1. Luna, I think it’s great that you are helping to ensure that the true will of the people prevails. Watching from across the border — as people are from all around the world — my dh & I are praying & crossing all our fingers (& toes) that all goes well next week. To have any doubt cast on the result (whatever it is) by allegations of tampering, hanging chads, etc., for a third consecutive election would be horrific. : (

  2. I’m going to be working the polls and doing my damnedest to get cast!

  3. Thanks for the number. The sad thing is that in my affluent, mostly-white neighborhood I will have no problem voting. No lines, clean and well-lit, plenty of functional polling booths and parking spaces with congenial poll workers eager to assist me any way way possible. I wish everyone could have that voting experience.

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