our deer friend: show and tell

It’s been a busy but relatively uneventful week at casa luna. We’re hoping for a little more sun for the last of our tomatoes, peppers, and berries to ripen before the cold really sets in. I’m so not ready for my flowers and plants to freeze. Our heat has kicked on late at night and early in the morning, but the days are still beautiful. I want to enjoy just a little more sun before it hides away for our rainy season…

We may not get any more berries this year, as we’ve got another visitor who seems intent on clearing off the vines, unripe fruit, thorns and all.  We’ve had these visitors before, possibly this guy’s father or uncle and his posse, who chomped down our gorgeous summer flowers and all of our peppers (yes, hot peppers!) every chance they got to jump the fence. But this little guy seems different. He’s all by his little lonesome, very cute and calm, seeking a meal and a little respite from the wild. 

M took these pictures the other day and said this little buck was well aware of yet not bothered by his presence. He just went about his business, scarfing down berries, leaves and little flowers…

Then after eating all the berries and leaves he could reach, he lied down and settled in for a nice rest…

If you look closely (above), you can see a string of drool dripping out of his mouth. At first I thought he was sick or scared. But I looked it up and decided that he was most likely preparing for the “rut” which is the fall mating season. Apparently strapping young bucks like this one get very hungry and tired facing off with other young bucks and courting young fawns. So the feast, drool, and nap are just normal fall behavior. Who knew?

For more circle time fun, check out the weekly thread, or my previous entries. 


~ by luna on October 12, 2008.

20 Responses to “our deer friend: show and tell”

  1. Fantastic! We’ve had several deer visitors at our house, but all does and fawns, no bucks. I’ve never been quick enough (or the deer patient enough) to get any photos.

  2. Aw, I’d love to have that view in my backyard!

  3. Love it! I had no idea about the drool, interesting.

  4. That is so AWESOME!

  5. Those pictures are great.

  6. Sounds like a male…drooling all over us gals!

  7. That is so cool. He’s gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful! Things like this are a good reminder to slow down once in a while and enjoy the beauty of nature. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Those are great pics. I’m amazed that buck let him get so close…wow.

  10. So cute. I love deer. Granted I don’t have them eating my garden but I think they are so pretty.

  11. Great photos. I’m glad I don’t have deer eating my garden – even our resident jackrabbits tend to leave it alone for the most part.

  12. Great Photos…Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. I just saw a buck about the same age–with the same, slender, gorgeous little horns–yesterday. Thanks for sharing!

  14. A beautiful animal…thanks for sharing the photos!

  15. He’s soooo adorable though! Great shots.

  16. gorgeous!

  17. Great photos, Luna!

    My grandfather used to take my sister & me out for drives in the country to look for deer. The day after his funeral, my mom, Grandma & I went driving in the country & I spotted a deer almost immediately. I felt so proud — he taught me well, lol.

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