adopting a toddler?

A call to you, my bloggy friends…

Do you know of any good resources for waiting parents who will be adopting a toddler internationally? No, it’s not for me. We just got word that some old friends are now matched with a 17-month old child in Asia, and they will go pick her up in a few months. While they know others who have adopted domestically, they don’t know many people who have adopted a toddler, or internationally, each of which has its own unique issues. 

Anyone know of any good resources, articles, or books you can recommend that address issues unique to adopting a toddler internationally?

Many thanks in advance.


~ by luna on September 30, 2008.

8 Responses to “adopting a toddler?”

  1. Will ask my cousin for some things and email you. She adopted her son from Russia the week of his second birthday.

  2. This recommendation isn’t first-hand, but others have said good things to me about “Toddler Adoption: the Weaver’s Craft” by Mary Hopkins-Best and “Attaching in Adoption” by Deborah Gray.

  3. Luna, they should start by seeking out others from the same country they are adopting from. If China, there are lots of “Children from China” groups out there (you can email me if you need help pinpointing one).

    Additionally, I would recommend “The Weaver’s Craft” – a book on international adoption & toddler adoption in particular. They should seek out resources on “attachment” (if go,ogle searching).

    We used Holt International as our agency and they were fab when it came to articles and resources, too.

  4. Some more resources:

  5. I don’t know any resources for them, but I wish them all the best!

  6. The two books mentioned above are excellent, although a little daunting and dry. I have adopted a toddler internationally – and have dealt with some mild attachment issues and post-institutionalized behaviors. The things that I think are the most important are a network (or online community) of people who have adopted from the same country and can answer questions and a few knowledgable professionals locally. If there is an international adoption clinic nearby (usually only if you are in a major city), they have fantastic resources, contacts, etc.

    Congratulations to them – it’s an exciting time!!

  7. The best website I have found is She has information and links to a wealth of resources around international adoption, attachment etc. Very informative. Great community support there too.

    Congrats to your friends. I’m sure it was a long wait

  8. Julia Sweeney has a great one-woman show about adopting a toddler from China. I bet you could get them a copy.

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