haiku twofer

sideswiped once again
another announcement, fuck
get me out of here
So much for looking forward to celebrating a colleague’s birthday today, as she took the opportunity to announce she was eating for two.   
I should have known.  After all, she’s young, fit, and just started “trying”…
Then of course it turned into a discussion about pregnancy, babies, gender, and daycare.  All while I was a captive audience and could not make a clean escape.  Stupid cake.
Fuck me.  Oh wait, we tried that.  It didn’t help. 
I feel a little sick right now. 

~ by luna on September 8, 2008.

19 Responses to “haiku twofer”

  1. You are the second person of my IF Posse to have been blindsided like this today.
    There is no solace for this.

  2. Try as I might, I can’t come up with a smart-alecky haiku for this one. There’s only so much sideswiping a person can take in a given space of time. (((HUGS)))

  3. Oh Luna! Its so awkward these discussions..

  4. ARGH. I hope the cake was good, at least…!!

    We’re having a send off for MY pg coworker this week. I can hardly wait (not).

  5. I’m sorry, Luna. I hate those ambushes. Dammit. And then being trapped. Fuck. I’ve had those same thoughts. I’m so sorry.

  6. Ugh…

    everyone is pregnant
    well, um no, not me

    so sorry. there is a big crew at work, and every day, I walk in dreading the latest life size baby picture that will be emailed and posted next to my mailbox in the office.

  7. This is the time when
    you need to overeat cake
    and barf on their shoes

    and what language are
    they speaking anyway? Greek?
    Who gives a fuck. Lave.

  8. How is America so damn fertile? Seriously. I’m sorry you had to put up with that. Love the haiku. I could’ve written it at so many points in the past few months and somehow, it sucks just as much the 10th time around. 😦

  9. Aww, bugger, and blast.

    I’m sorry Luna. You didn’t need that.

  10. Love the haiku. I’m sorry that you had to deal with that today. I don’t think it gets easier, does it? I wonder if it ever will.

  11. Oh Luna. I am so sorry! What a disaster. I have been there so many times, it doesn’t seem to get any easier. I just grow more and more tired of having to deal with those situations. They just shouldn’t happen anymore. Wish I worked nearby and we definitely could have gone out for a latte-with double shots, of frangelico and khalua, of course!

  12. I have been there. Many times. Not only does it not get easier, I actually think it gets harder. I’m so sorry.

  13. bitches – those who get it easy.

  14. Well, poop.

    Ok, not exactly a haiku, but it get’s the point across! I had to laugh at Tash’s comment!

  15. ay! the sneak attack with no escape. fuck is right.

  16. I guess that I am lucky that all my friends are older than I am and none of them are in this phase of their life- also another great reason not to be working– I don’t get to hear all the ‘great’ announcements from coworkers- sorry that you got blindsided like that- it really does suck the big the one! You are in my thoughts.

  17. No daycare blather
    Shall disturb my dear Luna:
    You risk my bitch slap.

    Excuse the haiku threat…

  18. I hate those conversations, particularly when you’re blindsided by them. During one of the worst ones, the person speaking turned to me and said, “See what you have to look forward to when you get around to having kids?” Right…. Sorry you had to deal with this, Luna.

  19. Those are literally the worst. We had one of those happen last fall. We thought we were going for a party. Ended up being a pregnancy announcement. And you’re stuck. So sorry, sweetie.

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