haiku monday

monday morning blues
I wish for longer weekends
too much work to do
how about you?

~ by luna on September 8, 2008.

10 Responses to “haiku monday”

  1. our entire lives
    rest now in mississippi
    i am going nuts

  2. no need to write one
    because only need to say
    ditto to Luna’s

  3. Procrastinating
    Trying to write haiku.
    Want you to know: Me too!

  4. I start off running
    around in circles never
    seeming to get *there*

  5. Oh good grief, there is now way I can write a haiku, performance anxiety!! I don’t work on Mondays and frequently I think it’s the best decision I ever made, I love my Mondays and somehow Tuesdays are not as bad.

  6. Monday stretches out
    lack of motivation strikes
    where is the weekend?

  7. Well slap my knee and
    call me a teacher! They
    must have brains after all!

    A long-lost blogger,
    now my intended mother,
    journey is beginning.

  8. Writing haikus hurts
    My feeble brain is spinning
    Is it Friday yet?

  9. Dude, by this point, it’s the midweek blues. This is what happens when you’re crouching in a hallway all morning instead of with Google Reader.

    I will come up with a better plan.

  10. […] (and often hilarious) responses I’ve received upon sharing my musings on a particularly bad Monday morning, or after being sideswiped by announcements and babies at work and hiding in my office (and here). […]

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