this better not be me…

Because there is no way in hell I’m taking off my bra and going freestyle in the middle of the airport tomorrow morning. Seriously, don’t these people have anything better to do then to taunt big-busted travelers


~ by luna on August 25, 2008.

12 Responses to “this better not be me…”

  1. That would be just my luck. Maybe “wireless” underwires wouldn’t be a bad investment. Me without a bra = tripping hazard.

  2. Yikes! Lol. Luckily, I’m in no jeopardy of any impromptu searches as my girls don’t require underwire. I say luckily, because this is one of the only instances when being president and CEO of the itty bitty titty committee is a good thing!

  3. Don’t wear the underwire. I have been patted down several times in the last few months. Particularly classy when you are taking off your suit jacket and standing infront of your spaghetti strap shell under your suit jacket, while some tiny philipino lady pats down your breasts. Especially classy when you are doing all of this in front of the Vice President of Marketing.

  4. Here’s hoping you make it through security with both your dignity and your underwear intact!

  5. Oh HELL no. Good luck in your travels!

  6. I don’t wear underwire anymore when I travel. For real. I try and wear a bra-built-in layering shirt or something. But I have small ones so I can get away with that.

    I hate this bullshit when you travel.

  7. Note to self: no bra while traveling! (Lucky for me and my tiny breasts, this is a totally viable option, and I never travel for business, so I don’t have to worry about “proffesional” clothes.)

    What a strange strange world it’s become.

  8. I hate everyone.

  9. This sucks so bad. My underwires didn’t set off the alarm thing but to pat down a womans breast. Come on.

  10. I have DDD breasts (yeah 3 d’s – my aching back) and my bra set off the metal detector at an airport only once. a female slightly patted the sides of my breats and right under them. she was very apologetic before and after and told me what the procedure would be. i didn’t really care, lol, but i can understand that others might. but then again after that incident i stopped flying with the underwire bras so that’s probably why it’s only happend once. ok, enought about my boobies, lol.

  11. here’s to hoping that only the Amazing M gets to pat those breasts of yours! hehehe!

  12. I agree with that poor woman . . . is this what it’s come too?

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