haiku monday

new mom back at work

sings day care blues all day long

please don’t cry to me

(NOTE: to the other M, this is so not about you, but a thoughtless colleague — the one who insisted that people stop saying they were sorry about her early miscarriage because she was “over it” and already pregnant again…)


~ by luna on August 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “haiku monday”

  1. Take your overweight
    and tired ass out of my
    cube, you fucking bitch

  2. woah, did I just say that?

  3. I will punch you in
    the throat that way you won’t feel
    the blues, you’re welcome

  4. Feel the need to unleash a little, Tash? 🙂

    Hate daycare, you wench?
    Take your triflin’ ass home so
    I can’t hear your whines

  5. how I love my friends
    in the box — what would I do
    if I could not laugh?

  6. […] going on and on about their children, co-workers and colleagues showing off their new babies and complaining about daycare, and so […]

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