any questions?

So if you were going to be in a room with some of your favorite bloggers, what would you ask them? If you had the chance to ask something of them as a group — such as a panel — what would it be? Are there things you would approach in person that you wouldn’t ask online? Just curious…


~ by luna on July 16, 2008.

11 Responses to “any questions?”

  1. Why, “will you be my BFF?” of course. Kidding. Sort of.

    Actually, I would like to ask about how closely their online and everyday life worlds overlap. In particular, I am curious how they talk or don’t talk about their online friends in their everyday life. And if they do talk about online friends, how do they refer to these friends– “my friend X,” “my friend Y from online,” “my friend Z who lives in city N,” “this one woman I know,” etc., etc….

  2. I do intend to meet up with my favourite bloggers in 2 years time when my DH and i intend to travel the world cuz that’s my deadline to stop with treatments. I’d say, LET ME BUY YOU A DRINK? CUZ DAMNED INFERTILITY DIDN’T ALLOW ME AN OUNCE OF DRINK EXCEPT WHENEVER AF APPEARED!

  3. I’d want to know how close they perceive their IRL personality to be in relation to their online personality.

    I’m my true self online, but I tend to let the side of me that’s a bit of a sassy big mouth come forward. In real life, I think I’m much more quiet, shy, and reserved.

  4. I always feel kinda weird when I meet someone who I’ve gotten to know on-line.

  5. I’d be curious how other bloggers suggest we can collectively bring IF out of the “shame closet” somewhat — and start to change the conversation in the outside world.

    I’ve been really inspired by the “fat blogger” community in this regard.

  6. Yeah, I’m with you on the it’s kind of weird to meet them in person but I like doing it nevertheless. I’d ask what blogging means for you and what if you had to stop?

  7. I think I’d just want to hug them.

    Maybe then I’d get brave enough to ask for some hair-care tips.

  8. This isn’t a question, but I’d want to assemble everyone in the room, chat a while, and then figure out if I could gues WHICH Blogger they are — see if it matches the in-person with the online-person, ya know? I’d also be curious about how everyone looks and dresses.

  9. So what DID you ask them? Was it awesome or what to meet mel and the others? or what Do tell…..

  10. Opps just saw I typed “or what” twice, didn’t mean to, as that could convey another meaning, which I didn’t intend. Ok bye for now, I am an ” L ” I know sorry.

  11. Since I’m here too late, I’ll just say “ditto”, as most of my questions and thoughts were posted above. Particularly, I think the question of how to bring IF out of the shame closet is salient.

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