So here’s a lesson for you: back up your computer.  Seriously. Because you never know when yours might just up and die on you. Like mine did, this morning. Working perfectly fine one day, and the next morning it just goes black during startup… bitch. 

Being the technocrat I am, my hard drive hasn’t been fully backed up since January.  So six months of photos, files, music — anything that wasn’t saved or sent through the web — are gone. I don’t know why I don’t heed my own advice. I always tell my students and interns to “save early and often.” It’s my own fault, I know. Though it does piss me off that these things are built to last only a limited time before they are either rendered obsolete, or the warrantee expires (in my case, 3 years). 

I’m most upset about losing my photos and our adoption paperwork. M has the photos from our little getaways, but I took a LOT of pictures that may be lost forever, including a collection of those I gathered for our adoption profile. Thankfully I printed out our home study application, but there were many other documents may disappear. Just another minor setback and lesson in the end. Not the end of the world. But back up your computer people! 

I called a few experts about data retrieval, and the estimates range from $100 to basically learn that probably nothing is retrievable, to $500-2000 for a good chance of recovering some to most files, maybe. Considering that I now have to buy a new computer — not an expense I was anticipating so soon — I can’t afford to spend much on the tinkering to compensate for my idiocy. Fuck. 

Anyway, I plan to sneak on M’s laptop when I can, but it may be a few days before I’m truly up and running again and able to check on you all. Sorry for those of you who couldn’t see my new bloggy card (would you laugh if I told you it cost like $10?). I hope to hand them out to a few of you next weekend…  

In the meantime, I’m going to go finish a bottle of wine and actually hang out with M… peace out. 


~ by luna on July 12, 2008.

11 Responses to “frack!*@#!”

  1. Oh, that will be one timely glass of wine.

    That really sucks. I’m sorry your bee-atch of a computer died.

  2. Oh, ouch. My sincere sympathies.
    I am currently typing on my very new laptop I finally got for my job. Took them over six months since I started. The last three I spent terrified that my old clunker would die before the next day, and for sure before I could get the new one. Luckily, it didn’t. And I just got a 4GB flash card to transfer files from the old to the new. But my point? I was terrified, yes. But did I back it up frequently enough? Of course not. And I consider myself lucky to still have all the photos stored on the clunker.

  3. Eeks. Been there. Done that. Twice. I have one useless hard drive in my garage and one in my bedroom. That one kicked the bucket in May. Most of my pictures are backed up in various places, but the things I am most upset about losing are all of the papers that I wrote for my Masters and Education Specialist (EdS) degrees. There are some papers here and there on various pin drives, but my desktop had every single paper stored in neat little organized folders. I could just slap myself for not having those same folders stored somewhere else.

  4. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I’ve done the same thing, *sigh*. Enjoy the wine…

  5. Ack! Thanks for the reminder. I’m horrible about backing my stuff up. I mean, I’ll get around to it… someday… after I tackle the 3,598 other things on my to-do list first.

    Best of luck getting things recovered! Hope you at least get a new computer you really like out of the whole thing… there is something nice about that “new computer smell”.

  6. UGH — I am so sorry about your photos and esp. adoption paperwork. Here’s a tip that worked wonders for us . . . when we were working on documents related to our adoption, we would attach them to an email and then send them to the email account we designated SOLELY for things related to our adoption (this was an account we both had the password to). This was a lifesaver for us, because if we had a call from a social worker, or had a question about filling out something, etc., we didn’t have to be working on our home computer in order to access it. It was in the email account, and BAM, we could call it up anytime, and from anywhere. Hope this helps you in the future, too.

  7. So sorry to hear about the computer crash. You must be so upset about both the photos and the adoption paperwork.

    Stories like this always frighten the life out of me. Even though Mr H has very kindly set up all sorts of back ups to run automatically for me, I’m still paranoid that one day I will switch on the PC only to find that my entire PhD thesis has disappeared!

    I reckon that, in the circumstances, you’re perfectly within your rights not only to finish that bottle of wine, but maybe even to open a second one!

  8. So sorry to hear about the computer crash. You must be so upset about both the photos and the adoption paperwork.

    Stories like yours always frighten the life out of me. Even though Mr H has set up all sorts of backs ups that run automatically, I’m still paranoid that one day I’ll switch on my PC only to find that my entire PhD thesis has vanished into the ether!

    I reckon that, in the circumstances, you’d be perfectly within your rights not only to finish that bottle of wine but to open up a second one!

  9. Ugh, that sucks 😦 Hopefully you can get some back. After losing a ton of photos a couple years ago, I started using and all my photos in original form are stored there. In fact they just launched a new product for all files, but I havent gotten around to checking it out yet.

    Yuck 😦

  10. Gulp!! I am bad about backing things up (for one thing, my CD burner is a temperamental thing that doesn’t always operate properly). My photos are pretty well backed up — I usually order a CD for a couple of dollars whenever I take in my memory card for prints. But last winter, my computer was acting funny & I wound up losing two years’ worth of e-mails in the blink of an eye. I was on the phone for two hours with my sister’s techie boyfriend & in the end he told me they were probably gone for good. 😦

  11. Oh, I feel your pain, Luna, having lost a laptop not too long ago, though I managed to retrieve a 200-some-odd-page translation for about $40 (the joys of living in the boondocks).

    I hope this snafu is the last for a while, and that all your plans go smoothly for a while.

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