well, what do you think?

I was inspired by Mel and Lori and their creative card juices (Pamela Jeanne, did you make one too?). So just for fun, I made some too, real cheap. The resolution here is not great, but you get the idea. Now I just need a ticket to BlogHer so I can cheer on this awesome panel and give these out to my wonderful friends from the box who I will actually have the privilege and pleasure to meet next week in my back yard! Now do any of you dear readers have an extra ticket to sell?


~ by luna on July 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “well, what do you think?”

  1. I SO want to see this, i clicked on it, nothing. Where the card should be i get that java-like icon and then it turns into a red X? So BlogHer is in your city then? You should so host a infertile session in your yard one night, meet all those super cool, super intelligent bloggers that we all love. But I hope you get a ticket to go and then come back and blog about the super-blogging geniuses that are women.

  2. Lucky, lucky, lucky. I wish I could make a trip out there next week. I LOVE your card!

  3. Looks wicked cool.
    Have fun at the big bash. And then come back and tell us all about it, will ya?

  4. I like it a lot. I’ll trade you!

  5. I can’t see it either. But lucky me. I can wait and get one from you IN PERSON.

    So excited. I’m sure the card is beautiful. Like you.

  6. I can’t see it either. 😦 And I am soooo jealous!! 😉

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