haiku monday

she hides at her desk

while baby is on display

hope no one takes note


~ by luna on July 7, 2008.

17 Responses to “haiku monday”

  1. If there’s a problem

    and they noticed you gone

    They are total idiots

  2. I hope baby mom
    is overweight, needing sleep,
    and craving liquor

    I also hope that
    you have stashed away a flask
    of very smooth booze

  3. I have a 2-day BlogHer ticket for sale! Please contact me if you are interested!

  4. But what is the deal
    with expecting all to coo
    over your baby?

    Friends in computer
    think those who do thus are
    self-centered twits.

  5. Next time that happens,
    while you hide behind your desk,
    have in your hands this:

    a voodoo doll of
    babyflasher poked with
    unbent paper clips

  6. Sorry, my brain isn’t working enough to reply in haiku but try having the boss’ kid’s playroom IN the office. Yes…I had a fun first day at my new job…..

  7. This probably shouldn’t have, but it made me laugh – I’d sooooo do that! But not be as smart as to write it as a haiku…

  8. I dig your haiku
    The comments make me chuckle
    Laughing mo’ better!

  9. my friends in the box
    how glad I am to know you
    laughing beats crying
    ANY DAY!

  10. not sure whether proper haiku
    but wise women make me laugh
    with their witty rhymes

  11. Bitch, take a memo:
    Put the baby away now
    And get back to work.

  12. Holy hell, Shinejil, that’s hilarious. I’m keeping that.

  13. brilliance all around.

  14. ROFL!!! My brain is way too fried today to think up one myself, but I love these!

  15. How often I’ve been there. Now I know why I don’t drink at work — besides being unprofessional, I’m sure I’d say or do something I regret. (p.s. I’m not in position to haiku as the wine I’m now drinking — I’m off the clock — is lubing my brain cells in a most delicious and hard to think way).

  16. Amen, sister girls!

  17. […] new mom back at […]

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