So many thoughts swirling around in my head, I’m not sure where to begin…

Should I tell you first about the open adoption support meeting we attended last Saturday, which left us both feeling entirely overwhelmed?

Should I tell you instead about our incredibly fun escapist anniversary weekend getaway to Vegas, which left us both exhausted and hungover?

Should I tell you how happy I am to have a two-day week?

Or should I offer my sincere gratitude for your so sweet and happy anniversary wishes? Yes, I think I’ll start with that.

Thank you all so much for sharing and honoring the memory of our beautiful wedding 12 years ago. We were both so touched by your comments, and I love that some people read the post simply because I was showing-and-telling.  I love re-telling our story, remembering the day and those feelings. I love the thought of re-capturing those blissful moments in any way we can…   

And, I love that some of us were actually married that same special month (Julia, Kymberli, I know there were others), and even the same day (Journeywoman)! Cool.

So, I’m still processing everything else, but promise I’ll be back with more to tell soon… 

[Editing to add: I’m so swirly I forgot to ask if you wanted to hear about the family of deer that jumped our fence while we were gone, chomped all of our jasmine flowers, grazed our strawberries and raided our pepper plants (but not the tomatoes or cucumbers), before leaving several big piles of poop in the yard. You wanted to hear about that too, right?!]


~ by luna on July 3, 2008.

9 Responses to “swirling…”

  1. Ummm… Vegas. Nice! Care to tell more about that? So I can live vicariously through you? I love that city.

    And yes, please tell us about everything else too. 🙂

  2. Well I’d love to hear about all of it.

    Happy Anniversary! And many many more.

    I’m looking forward to getting all caught up on your blog and hope to connect more soon.

  3. The title makes me picture you (the Luna in my head who may or may not look like the real Luna) swirling around in this big, billowing skirt. Just surveying the room and she spins and spins.

  4. Seeing as how I’ve never been to Vegas or drunk enough to be hungover, I’d love to hear more about Vegas. Once you’ve processed, I also can’t wait to hear about your first adoption group meeting!

  5. I just wanted to see it’s nice to “e-meet” you. I’m here from GITW, and I just wanted to tell you how similar our journeys are. My story is on my blog, http://www.justmedebbie.blogspot.com, but essentially my husband and I tried to conceive for four years, we lost a baby at 20 weeks, are still reeling from that grief, but have also just started our journey toward domestic adoption. I just wanted to say hi and let you know I’m here and I’m going to follow along on this part of your journey. Thanks for writing about it!

  6. I’d love to hear more about both the weekend in Vegas and the deer invasion (naughty animals!).

    And, whenever you feel ready to talk about it, I’ll be interested to learn more about how you got on at the adoption group meeting. Please remember that we are all here to support you.

  7. Overwhelmed at meeting – normal.
    hungover and exhausted after Vegas – normal
    Feelings of gratitude for 2 day week – normal
    Plants eaten and deer dung to clean up – priceless!!!!

  8. Wow, sounds like a headful. Ready to read when you are to write.

    I was so glad when I moved to an urban environment, with a lovely yard, AND NO DEER. Until we got a phone call last summer while at the shore from a neighbor reporting that there was one presently standing in our yard. And last fall Bella and I watched one clip clop right down the middle of our street. Huh?

  9. […] heirloom and luscious sungold tomatoes. (Some of you may remember I hinted about the visitors before.) This guy and his friends have also eaten all of our roses (twice!), our hydrangeas, and most of […]

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