where there’s smoke…

The sky is hazy with smoke, even from many miles away, thanks to winds that have spread hundreds of wildfires around the state (and here).  Anyone with breathing difficulties should be taking special care outdoors, as should children and the elderly. My heart goes out to anyone in harm’s way.

We’re used to all kinds of natural disasters here — earthquakes, floods and fires. But it’s a little early in the year for fire danger to be so high, thanks to the unseasonably warm weather we’ve had and highly unusual lightning storms that sparked these fires.

Working at home with the windows open today, my throat is sore from the smoky air, which forms a thick burnt orange haze in the sky and clouds. But I have to say, the sunset should be spectacular. 

Thanks to NASA and AP for the satellite image above, which shows smoke over Northern California on Monday. 


~ by luna on June 25, 2008.

9 Responses to “where there’s smoke…”

  1. It is early in the season for fires to have sparked. A couple of years ago when when the fires were raging in the Okeefenokee Swamps in Florida, we had terrible smoke and haze all the way up here, and I’m about 2.5 hrs from the Georgia/Florida border.

  2. An incredible photo…

    I love fire – but small fires, fires I can contain. Candles, campfires, etc. Those huge fires just seem so alive, and they kind of freak me out.

    Thinking of all in harm’s way..

  3. I can’t stand the smell of smoke from wildfires. I always think it should be just like campfire smoke, but it never is. . . .

  4. The way the haze has blocked out the sun has left an almost eerie, unreal, still feeling to the air. It’s hard to believe that we have several months left of the fire season.

  5. I know too many people out west. This time of year and these things freak me out. Be well, Luna.

  6. Breathing in all that smoke is horrible…but we can’t pray for winds can we?

  7. I have family in one of the burning counties. They sent photos this morning of yellow/orange air so thick you could chew it. It’s both a personal disaster and a financial disaster for some of these folks, as the fires scare away the seasonal tourists who keep the rural economies alive …

  8. Wow, seems to be a few Nor Cal folks around. I’m Nor Cal too and this smoke thing makes me worry. Not only because of all the fires right now but like you said it is so early. What will Sept be like?

  9. Oy, that smoke is bad. I am headed to Nor Cal tomorrow for an outdoor wedding, I hope it turns out ok. Hang in there luna.

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