worth a thousand words

It looks like Portugal is the first in the world to recognize and raise awareness about the struggle of infertility in its postage currency. I found this through the national Resolve website. I was so struck by the image, and searching for the right word to describe it. “It’s so…” — when words failed me, and M said simply, “powerful.”  Indeed.

You can purchase this beautiful series through the Portuguese postal service (for English click at the top of the page).



~ by luna on June 19, 2008.

14 Responses to “worth a thousand words”

  1. Holy crap – that is awesome!!

  2. Wow. That artist really captured my feelings.

  3. Oh my god. Can you imagine this country ever doing anything remotely near this? Either in acknowledgment or beauty?

  4. That’s really beautiful.

  5. It’s beautiful, moving, and yes . . . powerful!

  6. I saw that a few weeks ago and every now and then I go back and just stare at it. You’re right – it’s worth a thousand words. It expresses what can’t be said in words about infertility.

  7. Thanks for posting that. It’s very cool.

  8. Now that put tears in my eyes! WOW!!!

  9. Absolutely beautiful.

  10. So achingingly powerful.

  11. Thanks for the well wishes. I just realized you’re not on my blogroll!! Adding you now. 🙂

  12. Wow. That’s amazing.

  13. wow – that is a step forward

  14. […] labeling and stamping hundreds of them. I searched for a special stamp, maybe something like this, but then I saw the bright red “All Heart” stamp and I knew that was the […]

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