show and tell: nature’s way?

File this under nature is wacky: albino spider on honeybee on lavender.

Normally I let spiders be — they do an important job managing pests in the garden. But I think this freaky guy may be upsetting the balance of our ecosystem. He has caught at least 3 bees in just a few weeks (not stinger yellowjackets, but beneficial honeybees and bumblebees)!

Could this be the reason for the drastic decline in these important pollinators in North America and Europe, instead of vast changes in farming practices, pesticides, loss of habitat, and disease? Maybe this threat to the farming economy is also the reason our lemon boy won’t fruit?

I realize I’m cheating again on show and tell, with more musing than telling. Eventually I’ll unearth something personal or meaningful to share with the class, with a real story behind it and all. But for now I just had to share this bizarre oddity of nature. 

Note I can’t claim credit for this amazing shot, it’s one of M’s (who, by the way, has expressed interest in becoming a guest blogger some day, so stay tuned)…

ETA: my dear M just informed me that I posted the picture of the honeybee and not the bumblebee that was ravaged by this freaky spider (he eats both — the spider, not M). So I’ve updated accordingly.

~ by luna on May 24, 2008.

16 Responses to “show and tell: nature’s way?”

  1. What an amazing photograph – the contrast of colours is particularly startling, but still – ewgh!!

  2. Wow. That is an amazing photo.

  3. Holy, amazing shot!!! And who cares what you’re showing, do it however you like cuz I’m gonna do the same sometimes and not have it be telling:-)

  4. I need to toughen up: I’m feeling sorry for the bee. Why can’t spiders be vegetarians?

  5. Damn! That is a great photo!

    Maybe it’s a vampire spider!

  6. Eww. Spiders alone creep me out to no end, but an albino spider? I’d have a freakniption if I ran across that! Still, it’s an amazing photo.

  7. Freaky spider, poor bumblebee, but amazing photo! And yay for showing not telling. 🙂

  8. Eek! Freaky spider! I don’t think I’d be able to get close enough to take a picture because I would run away screaming.

  9. Very interesting pic, I’ve never seen an albino spider before, coooool!

  10. Incredible photo! I actually like spiders a fair bit and this one is amazing! Thanks for posting this. And I think musing counts as telling just fine. So keep it up – your musings are always great fun to read.

  11. Ugh. I’m so not okay with that spider. And they usualy don’t bother me that much (outside – inside is a whole other thing!)

  12. Yikes. I’m now trying to teach everyone here the difference between bees of the good type, and wood-boring bees, which we can stomp the living crap out of. Maybe we should hire your spider.

  13. That photo (mainly the spider, actually) gives me the heebie-jeebies. ICK. ICK. ICK!!!

  14. That is one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. My Dad has started raising honeybees so I will tell him to keep an eye out for creepy albino vampirish spiders!

  15. It is a beautiful photo – amazing. I am not too cool with the cannibal spider and sad for the bee…. I think I will work on some vegen recipes!

    Alyson LID 01/27/06 IA China

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