picture this

This is a fun meme. I got it from Lori, who got it from Doc Grumbles, who got it from somewhere else. 

– Type your answer into the web “search” box
– Pick an image from the first page of results
– Copy and paste into your blog  

And now, for your amusement: 

My name is:



My relationship status:

(married to my soulmate)


My favorite colour:



My celebrity crush (tie):

(Eddie Ved.der)

(Joh.nny Depp)


My favorite princess:

(princess cake)


My favorite adult beverage:

(good red wine)


My dream vacation:

(new zealand adventure)


When I grow up I want to be:

(happy and content)

Wanna play along?  Have fun. 

~ by luna on April 26, 2008.

7 Responses to “picture this”

  1. Call me tired and possibly questioning my sexuality, but my favorite pictures are the purple sky and the cake. By a long, long ways. Lovely pix.

  2. I did mine a few weeks ago. I couldn’t get the words to line up right with the pictures, unfortunately. I most like the picture of the moon and of the bubbles representing “happy and content.”

  3. Ack! J.Depp is totally my celeb crush!! Thanks for making my day!!

  4. Girlfriend, you and I MUST hang out together!

  5. Besides the purple, I’d take Johnny Depp and good red wine, either together or separately.

    And I love your choice of photos for “luna” and for soul mates.

    Great images.

  6. […] drink that much at all anymore, though I’ve been known to tackle an occasional bottle of wine (most often with assistance). Back in the day, vodka was my drink of choice. Good vodka in a fresh […]

  7. […] because it contains an image of “purple sky” or “purple clouds” (it was a fun meme!). The next top post about our wedding is viewed only because of the term “blue moon.” […]

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