I really don’t have much to say, so thought I’d share this tiny wonder from the garden,

which is now gone… 


~ by luna on April 15, 2008.

12 Responses to “fleeting…”

  1. Tulips just don’t hang around long, do they. Big tease. Spring can be very beautiful, and very, well, sad.

  2. Beautiful photo! I feel like I’m about to stick my nose into that lovely tulip.

  3. Gorgeous color!
    I do love this season best.

  4. Ah yes — the old saying comes true: pictures speak a thousand words. When are we getting together for coffee?

  5. Lovely.

  6. It’s beautiful.

    Sometimes you don’t have to say anything.

  7. Luna- I love your garden- I can’t wait for mine to start to bloom, we are still to cold here. Hopefully in a few more weeks. Until then thank you for sharing the beauty of yours.

  8. Funny – I posted tulips on my blog this morning in honour of a Dutch friend who passed away….he was a beauty,too.

  9. The way the light is captured in the center is stunning.

  10. How beautiful. Even more so because of how fleeting it is.

  11. Beautiful picture. Beautiful symbolic post.
    Isn’t that so much like nature?

  12. I need a better camera and maybe the Philosopher’s Stone.

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